Pleased to meet you.

Let me please introduce myself,

my name is Eliot Bernstein.

and these are my three sons...

and that's me and my wife Candice...

and this is the very real story of our lives since we discovered some very cool inventions that changed how you see your world.

"An inventor is a man who looks around upon the world, and is not content with things as they are, he wants to improve whatever he see; he wants to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea; the spirit of invention possesses him, seeing materialization."
Alexander Graham Bell

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And for all of you who know me, as a friend, this should be your favorite section of the site, for it will prove our friendships.  As it reveals my nature, it will shine on yours, yours who have helped with whatever means you've had, to help us hold on, for truth, justice and the rock n' roll American way.  This is the part which will leave those of you who don't know me, both confused and intrigued as to the madness that possesses my actions and controls my will, a mere puppet to a higher force.  I will not sell you on my sanity or my normalcy or any of that blasé crap that would leave you thinking that how could someone so normal be in such a bizarre situation.  I am far from normal, I am far from abnormal, caught in the surreal. 

A bit from my past, long before the inventions came to be, where in a coma did I begin to hear angels that whichever way I shake my head, I just can't shakem' out.  It will help you understand just exactly how the Iviewit inventions came to be and who really invented them.  Was it the inventors or their patent and corporate attorneys, accountants and other professionals who were charged with protecting them?  Why have so many men have succumbed to them in greed, blinded by such brilliance as the inventions gleam, gifts from a Higher Being, gifts to help your children shape the world you destroy without care.  Little do they know that while they are staring directly at the technologies, using them without paying homage to the true and proper inventors, in awe, they are looking into the eyes of their maker, the true creator of the inventions and their souls.  I merely delivered the message from beyond and a whole bunch of really cool, geeky guys, helped transform vision to reality using faith, faith against all odds. 

Yet their is a small group of very and sick and wrong men, who heralded the inventions we created as the Holy Grail inventions of the digital imaging and video world, who now try to steal such inventions they coined the Grail; now that's ironic.  What kind of sick and wrong people would try to steal the Grail and not fear the consequences and "they will be cut down like the grass" Psalm 37:2.   But it so much more twisted than just that, the crime transcends crimes before it and rises to perhaps the sickest crime of all.  Crimes against G0d, crimes against their very own children and crimes against all the creatures of the earth, what kind of sick and wrong pathetic people you might ask could they be.  The crime now involves people cloaked as lawyers, judges, public officials of the highest offices and this is frightening.   Then of course, you have the more typical and mundane crimes they have committed; crimes against the country, crimes against the United States Patent Office, crimes against foreign nations and violations of most of the federal, state and international codes of laws.

How you may ask did this all come to be?  I will tell you what I tell my children to help them understand the forces of evil that attempt to destroy our lives every day, that have come to try and dishonor us and our friends who invented these beautiful technologies.   These are sick and pathological criminals, who attempt to pull a hoax on history to hide the truth of the creation of some of the most beautiful technologies of our time.  Attempting to steal inventions G0d gave to a servant to deliver to the children of the future with a message.  A most profound message, that without, the children may expire, the reason the truth must be made known to the entire world and the inventions turned back to their true and proper inventors, accrediting their maker and revealing the truth.

I tell my kids to not let these bad men who stole technology from G0d, intended to save the kids, distract them from the TRUE purpose of the inventions.  I tell my children that these bad men have in their greed, sold their souls and no matter their evil ways, G0d will destroy them.  That I will destroy them here on earth if necessary (and the last decade is a testament to this) and where if I am to fail, it is their destiny to carry on, to wield the sword and kill them dead, returning the Grail.  Returning the Grail and recapturing the stolen royalties and putting them to their intended use, the funding of the Thought Journal. 

No matter how evil hides its head, even when it comes cloaked in legal, judicial  or political robes and roles, it must be met head on and destroyed, for it is cancer of the human spirit.  I tell my kids that this day of reckoning for the bad guys will come and that they should fret not in the meantime as we suffer the assaults of evil and to not fear it or hate it.  I have to warn them to be weary of the evil nature of a few, to be more careful than most and if it comes to face them, to never back down to it.  They live with the very real threat that people are trying to hurt them and kill their father and one look at our vehicle that was blown to smithereens and you can see they were attempting to murder not only me but the children and my lovely wife too.

I teach them about war, for they are now non-combatant innocents (ages 8, 7 & 3) caught in a classic war of good v. evil and truly their lives in danger from these cockroaches and their attempt to get away with such crimes against humanity.  I tell my kids when they ask why I work night and day to get these bad men and recover the technologies, that they should always fight for their rights and freedoms, no matter the forces that oppose them, no matter the toil.  I tell them that the bad men have threatened our lives and would like nothing more than to see us dead versus face their sins and repent for their actions.  I tell them that they must watch carefully all who come disguised as friends now and be careful of strangers, even lawyers and accountants, who come under false oaths of trust and violated oaths to G0d.  I tell them that knowing people are out to destroy us at all costs, they too must be careful; as these people will stop at nothing to destroy everything and anything in our lives. 

I tell them that we are the little guy surrounded by unseen forces of good, fighting a massive evil, thus why we must fear no evil.  For if we fear evil, evil wins.  I tell them how evil spreads, that if they do not fight evil when it is present, that they will become evil for their complacency and evils lifeblood is complacency to thrive in.  To know of crime and wrongdoing, and do nothing, is worse than to do the criminal act.  In fact, complacency is a criminal act on the conscience, always leaving one wondering could I have done something to prevent this as things get worse.  The kids ask, "when will you win dad and get our technologies back to help the kids?" I tell them that if I, or they, die trying to fight evil, that is a win but that we will prevail in the end, for good conquers evil, it is a historical fact.  I tell them that it is not about money or those kind of things that I fight for but from the will of Higher Power.  Those of you who know me, know that I have never cared less about money, spare some for food.  When there was any abundance, I could not share it fast enough, always believing that to hoard and collect material possession for oneself was evil. 

This phantasmagorical story my family and friends now live in, a surreal reality, is all about patents and inventions in the name of good, delivered perhaps to test the soul of man.  All of this is very real and they live and suffer through it, growing stronger to meet their destiny.  It is pure good versus pure evil, a lesson that will shape their futures and make them angelic.  I tell them that their destiny and births into this mess have purpose, a purpose to expose their very young eyes to evil, so that they may know its face and never forget it.  So they can live their lives unafraid of it, readied to destroy it from this earth.  I tell them their lives are as angels here, to aid the earth, her creatures, her habitats and restore respect to Mother Earth, another thing evil men have forgotten the creator of.  I teach them that they should only respect the will of G0d and Mother Earth and not evil lawyers, or evil judges, or evil politicians, or anyone evil for that matter, only trusting those mortal men that earn their respect by showing their respect for all of G0d's creations first.  Earning their respect by proving love of only those things that really matter,  to love only those that care about nothing higher than the basic tenants of loving and caring the world and creatures that surround them.  From these people they will find eternal friendships bound together in good deeds that these friends will be the future warriors of good, dedicated to protecting the future, those children ready to wage battle in the war of Good v. Evil.

I tell them this warrior story at their young ages for it is the truth, no matter how difficult that truth is for a child to comprehend.  To explain to them why we have been forced to flee from city to city, state to state and home to home.  Why so many times in their short lives, since discovering the theft of our patents and having multiple death threats levied upon us, we have had to up and run or been forced into the next move.  I tell them that if we are to continue to expose and fight the evil; we have to run to protect ourselves at times while we nail the bad guys.  That sometimes the strategy of war calls for retreat and invisibility as a matter of troop movement.  So confusing for a child to be raised from a one day normal world and then thrust into this very real and scary scene unfolding but everything has purpose.  Everything has an opposite, and, so shall this.  So I know G0d has chosen them, I think I know for what, I think they are coming to know. 

Whenever these brutally hard subjects come up, I try to placate them with the truth of how the inventions were born, how they validate dreams, friendships and G0d.  How G0d is going to be plenty pissed off at these bad guys who have violated the sanctity of everything sacred.  They love the parts where I drift into variations into the hells they will suffer, my favorite is the one where the bad guys are destined to hear my voice over and over again for eternity, ad nauseam, and then again.  I am sure if you ask a few of them, hell is already in their heads and if you mention my name it gives them heart palpitations and cause soon to leap for their deaths, and so they should. 


A piece from my 1982 journal, 17 years before the inventions were born, as a preface for you dear reader of a time where G0d took me from here to there, to have a talk with me.



Today I feel rather good.  Life is continuing, I think?  For this diary I'll write in shorthand.  Everything is healing in my body.  In two weeks I'll be back on the road, the same old Eliot?  I wonder if my life is supposed to be dramatically altered.  It seems like a lot of people....




Life is going, just a little bizarre.  My journals almost came to end as did my body and mind.  On 11/23, I hit a truck, had cars fall on me, smashed my entire face, went to Highland Park hospital and ended up airlifted to the spinal unit at Northwestern.  For the next weeks; my head was screwed into a bed, my ears, eyes, mouth and nose bled. My bed rotated 24 hours a day, my eyes were covered, my body was tied, I had no pain killers and I hallucinated a lot or did I. 


Day after day I felt as if I were dead, a feeling only understood by a lucky few,  As consciousness returned, I regained a sense of balance, I realized exactly what shape I reshaped myself into.  As I recovered, out of the spinal unit, I started to have memories of the accident, of the spinal unit and of my hallucinations.  Then there was surgery and I again was out of the earth for a few days.  After an eternity of recovery in the hospital, I was released, looking as grotesque as the elephant man.  Now I'm trying to figure everything out that happened since the accident.  I guess in some ways this is going to alter my normal perceptions and patterns of thought.  In a week my head wires are to come out and the following week my mouth gets unwired and I'm almost back to Eliot?


My family has been so great and my friends equal in their weight;  all made a speedy recovery possible.  In different ways, each person seems fucked up, altered, in their own way.  My family now realizes that death is an instant reality.  My friends instantly discovered what friendships need be made of.  I realize how important it is to express your love and more important conquer your hate.  How I wished I could see my enemies again when death seemed to manipulate life.  In some respects all who I love and who love me seemed to extend a feeling of love so great that it made each day worth suffering through with a great intrinsic feeling. 


I have to deal with the consistency of the accident, the 24 hour repetition of good old hospital stories.  In so many respects I'm scared shitless and must stop being so severe on my "sanity" or "insanity."   My own self is the only thing that can break, and I can't break now when I'm already so broken.  Maybe at a later date I'll say "Fuck Am I Happy To Be Alive; I Love You World!"   Not worrying that I am cracking.  All I know is there is definitely something.

I tell their youthful ears (that should under normal circumstances be more tuned to childhood things),  how the inventions were discovered, to give them comfort and strengthen their faith in good & G0d.  I say to them that it was a long, long time ago, when daddy slammed at 80mph into a car carrier, when I was only nineteen.  I drove into a parked car carrier on the side of the freeway and had some Cadillac's fall on my head.  Then for some unknown reason, in all that noise of death where there should have been pain, there was a beautiful symphonic noise, coming from the nightmare.  I tell them that it was no white light, it was far more brilliant and in that moment my destiny changed.  I tell them that as I lay dying, fighting for every breath, that I cried out, thinking I was at my funeral, for G0d to give me one more chance.  I prayed and screamed in my head that I would give anything in return for another moment.  I explain that at this time, I was not really at my funeral in my coffin but instead in a spinal unit with my entire face mashed, my neck broken, internal organ disaster from the seat belt, tied down and spinning in a rotobed, lying in a coma.  Blood spewing out my eyes, ears, mouth and nose for weeks.  I could neither see, hear, nor talk.  Their faces are filled with horror and yet they see for their own eyes that I fear not any of that.  They know what I fear, nothing mortal, for I am honest with them about my purpose since returning and they have heard the end before and they fear the same, you should too. 

I tell them that a voice came out of this darkness, not your typical voice and asked if I would give "everything" for another chance.  In my delight, I thought I would give anything, mistaking that it was "everything" I was committing, what's the difference I thought later but...?  So I responded, sure, I would give everything.  With that the voice asked if I would like to see the fate of man before returning to earth, of what I was going back to?  I said sure. 

What came next far surpasses Dante's inferno, for this inferno was very real and what I saw has possessed my every action since.  They ask, what could be worse than hell dad.  I tell them that I saw all the children burning up and dying on a rot infested world.  I tell them that it was a combination of human evil forces that brought the world to this point in the near future, that I can see this still as I live about sixty seconds into the future.  This future has babies born to their parents who must hide them from the sun, hoping to hold onto their lives for just a second before they burn to death.  A future that from the rapid desecration of the ozone and other human environmares, the babies begin burning up from cancers and all kinds of cataclysmic style death from loss of resource precious to their kin, burning now in the skin, in the eye, of horrible things for babes to die, who was watching their back, certainly not our lot.  That water becomes defiled and the life blood of children of all species choked to slow painful death on rotten human sewage.  That not only humans but animals and plants dying, all sharing poisonous rains and human gas.  It gets very hard for anything to breath in human stench, we guessed wrong and our children were too pay.  At this time in the future, there are other simultaneous calamities from the reckless destruction of our planet in the name of this or that self indulged greedy human need taking place.  That there is this horrible noise, sounding over and over, everywhere, the sound of the cries of human mothers and fathers in grief of their babies dying. 

In this comatropic dream, their resounding cries sounded pathetic, not sympathetic, oddly they invoked not the slightest sympathy in me.  More, pathetic, in the sense that they knew they were on the brink of killing their children and they did nothing, to live in greed.  Knowing that they, the parents of the dying babes, were the direct cause of the deaths of their very own children, akin to "living hell".  Knowing that their excesses had brought them to this brink of extinction.  Worse yet, these demented parents knew they had not figured out a way to stop the destruction of the earth's resources and knew that it was getting worse, and so, they just continued in blind sin  and greed.  That they killed the resources necessary to grow their children and had now lost control of the lifeblood, to the point of no return and the consequence were their dead offspring. 

They were parents?  How could they not have seen what their greed was doing to the planet and her creatures?  How could they sit in self pity now, wailing about the carnage and death of their own, when they brought this upon themselves?  How could they have continued the abuses for years, with even the slightest knowledge that they could be the cause of the ozone holes, the waters rotting, the forest defoliations, their children's life blood all defiled for personal gain?  What kind of sick shit species would destroy resources that feed and grow their children for any reason, without Plan B, sounds like a plan from the plans of Bush?  What kind of creature lacks the brain capacity, so much so, as to fail to provide a continuity for their species as a whole, to drill baby drill?  To favor themselves for the moment, forgetting the next generation of their kind?  What could posses a species to this madness?  How could humans who seem to think they are above the rest of G0d's creatures in intellect, failed to provide for their own children, how could self-indulgences outweigh the securing of the propagation of the species as a whole for some gold or a bigger house?  Sounds like a dumb species to me, lowest on the chain of intellect, highest in pathetic rank.  A species that committed suicide from stupidity and failure to nurture G0d's creatures, to hate one another over what G0d is, when G0d certainly is paving the way to your children's future and not killing everything fucking thing on the planet living.

I felt no mercy for these parents in despair over their dying children or their pathetic tears, I hated them, these greedy fuckers who put themselves above the whole.  They had killed their own children too! They had not done what normal creatures do, try and provide a world for their children to live and grow in.  They had done the opposite.  How could they have done this and why were they crying now when their children were dying, wasn't money and greed and all those things in excess, worth it?  Even as they knew the ozone was frying their kids, the floods of melted ice, the damage caused directly by their hands, they still needed bigger Hummers and extra summer homes and more, more, more.  Their needs had caught up with them and now they wailed, in self-pity.   I screamed for it to stop, it never really has.  Given the power of my new master, I would have killed them all, I kid you not, I would have bludgeoned them all myself personally just to shut them fucking up.

That V0ice returned, and asked, "are you sure you want to return to this?"  I said that I was sure.  "Why would you want to go back to that?" the Voice retorted?  I said,  simply to tell the children to kill their parents, kill them before their parents killed them, blinded in their greed.   I cried that there was no-one protecting the kids and babes, that they were innocent, this was truly sick.  I wondered what kind of G0d allows this, death of children from their parents hands.  I heard back a roaring laugh, deafening, and I asked why this most twisted plot was funny, had I mistaken this as  a conversation with the Devil instead.  G0d responded that such a tactic as telling children to kill their parents would not be popular amongst those who are embroiled in their greed.  I responded that it was the parents who control the children's fate, that even while they know their greed and desecrations are killing their own, and, all the other creatures, they did not care, they do not stop until it was too late!  They can't even come together in the name of a more universal G0d to solve saving themselves, they fight over the poisonous gases.  Then it was added, that I was to leave any spite killing to H-m, that my mission was about teaching children to take hold and change it, using the power of their minds, not make them murderers just to survive.  I asked, so if Y-u can spite them, why not kill their parents now, and give the kids a new start before this future prevails the kids?  It would at least stop the pathetic wailing.  There was silence for what seemed like an eternity.  I asked why I needed to go back again, if not to change it and there was no response. 

It dawned on me that it was not my will to ask any longer, as I had given "everything".  I had sworn oath that I would give everything and no matter the reason why.  It was like a revelation, an epiphany, that I had just sold my soul to go back to this doomed world, and do whatever to change it and protect the children.  Bear in mind, I was nineteen at the time and had no known children I was coming back to other than to other peoples.  

The voice of G0d came back again and said, "before you go, would you like to see bliss as an option?"  I said, sure and the eternal womb was revealed, this nirvana state of existence.  G0d asked again, "do you want to go back or come into bliss?"  Without a second thought, I retorted, a simple yes.  I asked, but how will I change that fate, how can one man do what G0d was unwilling to do for them?  I wondered in the back of my mind, which of course, at that moment was playing tricks upon my future soul and questioned why would this force need something that resembled them, like me, to bring them a warning message, in fact it appeared they knew but cared not.  G0d said that all of that would come to me in time, that I should listen for the sound of the voices of the angels, that enabling the children was the mission.  I asked, perhaps if there were some directions, a handbook, on how exactly to do that?

"Yes", indeed there were, the response came back.  Not really directions, conditions.  At the time it made no sense.  It was all about me gathering up all the data on man and our world in the event that I failed to stem the evil tide and life died. G0d knows, I did not think I stood a chance nor the children.  If  I failed, the wrath of  H-s greatness would prevail unkindly upon mankind by letting the macabre species go mad.  Mankind was doomed as I saw it at the time, for how could one person make a difference, hopefully their were a lot more people hitting car carriers and having wild out of body experiences?  Another condition went something like this, before waste was laid upon those who had caused this catastrophe to life of all walks, I would need to package history up in a tiny microchip as a permanent record of the end of our species.   G0d then asked, "if I would like to see the last time a king of the jungle had grown so powerful and abused such power?" I said, sure. 

At this point, and my kids are all ears, I tell them that there must be some internal drug stored in your body for when you are drifting from life to death, an endorphin, that seeps into the blood as you die, that helps guide you, one way or another, to your final destiny, more potent than any drug on earth.  So powerful you can reach back or forth into history, you can even become a dinosaur, you can see the past and the future and all you have ever been.  I tell them that people say all the time who have near death experiences that their lives too have flashed before their eyes.  For me there were endless lifetimes I bore witness too, I took the shape of so many things in so many galaxies, traveling space without barrier.  I often think I was a piece of space dust, for what seemed like eternity, stuck next to my wife as a piece of rock but that story is for another day and it is today. 

There were far more fascinating lives I had lived and this G0d had the power to reveal them to me before parting.  One of these past lives I was to bear witness to on this most gruesome day so far, was yet another species in the final throws of extinction, extinction that like the future of man, brought on by greed, parents killing kids from failing to provide for their futures, watching them die, wailing, as if to reinforce the fear overwhelming me.  In this life, I was living as if I were one of the last dinosaurs standing.  Sound strange, sure seemed strange to me at the time.  I again was subjected to watching another macabre scene of death of the children by their parents, I was amongst the generation at the "bitter end."  For dinosaurs it took hundreds of millions of years of greed to finally catch up to kill them versus mans mere millions.  Another creature that had everything, King of the Jungle, who in the end, forgot to respect this eerie power that I was now entranced by, had trampled the resources that fed their young.  We (dinosaurs) had forgot to respect the environment too, I tell the kids acting in dinosaur fashion, in our power, superiority and ego we had we became delusional and the very things that killed us were microscopic in size, bacteria and virus from so many rotting corpses wherever we went.  Delusions of grandeur, of being more powerful than your creator, can have disastrous effects, no matter how great you think you are and finally humbling through extinction. 

In killing others we felt power and we killed unrelentingly.  In this trance, I watched the history of the dinosaur, as a part of it, I saw what caused our demise.  We dinosaurs had become the King of the Jungle by a twist of fate,  becoming invincible and without foe, except for ourselves.   It happened slowly, the sun and earth had changed courses, tilting the earth's axis with the sun and there was great and constant change.  At the time of our rising, the whole planet was in catastrophe, species extinct in a flash from the environmental changes  but instead of dying out, our skin hardened in the constant sun.  Over time, so hard it became, our skin became a shield forged through the heat.  So hard did our skin evolve that even the fiercest of those who once preyed upon us could not touch us, we soon easily could conquer, kill and devour anybody, everybody, eventually even each other.  We too thought this gift of power, gave us G0dly power, replacing our beliefs of G0d, as if we had conquered our own creator. 

We began, a slow, methodical eating of everything, for nothing could defend against us and of course we overate our vegetables too.  We began to grow enormous from our efforts.  Needlessly killing, killing everything in our path.  We thought we were doing the right thing because it felt good and our kids were growing fat too.   We felt omnipotent and invincible now, as before our skin hardened we were the prey, we forgot now what that felt like in our merciless slaughters.  We grew, and grew, so large from the excesses, that soon, a few hundred million years later, we were about to realize that it was our greed that was the cause of the end of our children; in giving them everything without respect, spoiling them, we killed them.  

Greed and lack of respect for the environment caught up with us finally.  Greed killing our species in the most horrible extinction imaginable, watching as our children died before us, no worse fate for a species or parent.  From so much killing and so much carnage, came disease and rot upon the earth.  Our now enormous size making us unable to defend against the much smaller rodents, the first who began to pick on us in our sickly state of gluttony.  The disease and rot from our killings was starting to cause the carcasses of the dead to pile up fast and their was a foul stench of death wherever we went upon the earth.  At the time these minute creatures, viruses and diseases, appeared almost invisible and killed from within.  Our size and strength mattered not against these invisible parasites. 

Our enormity, later combined with the sicknesses, made us unable to mate with any frequency of success.  This sucks when you are too fat to enjoy the finest joys of life, love and procreation.  All the disease and rot came from our carnage, carnage on all of the beautiful creatures we had once shared the world with.  The other animals now feared us, we were detached in our grandeur.  We did not see the destruction of the ecosystem that protected our children coming, the signs were all around us, we just ignored them and kept on consuming.  By the time the dawn of extinction began for us and it was upon us swiftly, it was too late.

Playing G0d had caught up with us.  Living in that moment before extinction of our species, knowing our chances were over, that in an instant we would forever be banished from the earth, forever, I heard the same cries of the parents.  The self pity cry, the same I had heard moments before in the scenes of the fate man.  I wondered in the horror, as I was watching and living as a dinosaur, who had gathered all this data I was watching now, how did this G0d have a movie of it, who had compiled this for H-m?  This was like a viewing room of history, a movie as real as that world had been and it was crowded in this hell.  Who would watch this horror flick over and over and over again, why did they not get out to leave? Why were they forced into this eternal watching of their children dying, over and over?  Why were they not a part of the bliss package, living in the womb like state of Nirvana?  Why were these ones here and some there, I was witnessing another level of historical inferno.  Who were these souls destined to watch again and again the horrific scene of the death of their children?  Were these the guilty?

Humankind, look no further for the truth to the dinosaurs end.  See that you teeter only seconds away from that same point of extinction.  Then look at your children (not just yours but all), now really look into their eyes and think of what you will tell them if you fuck up and kill them all for some man made possessions.  As you know, the ozone thins, the forests disappear, the world is being paved over and torn down, the animals disappear, the water is fouled, the ice melts and the air is polluted.  Hide not that you are killing creatures in the hundreds of millions at every meal, causing waste and rot to pile up.  Wonder at why you continue in your sins, as if you are unaware that it may kill your children.  What will you tell your children if you are the last man dying, will you cry that pathetic cry as they die in your arms?  I now knew what hell was, eternity watching this scene over and over, of how your ways killed off your species and watching as the children died at your feet and hearing their screams eternally forever.  This was the fate for the greedy, for those who lost respect of G0d and fell from grace and those complacent fucks who did nothing to stop it.

On a final note, there were those dinosaurs who had tried to stop it, had called out to be vegetarians and stop the killing; yet those who were so engrossed and embroiled in their evil, ate them too.  Is bliss their condition, those few vegetarians, those that tried to stem the evil tide, those that had fought the evil and died trying to change it, those willing to sacrifice all to try and save the children?  Yes, dino-cannibalism came as the resources once plentiful were gone.  We had grown fat to fast, destroying the ecosystem without thought or care.   There were those who sat by complacently and did not try to stop the evil, fearing that they were not strong enough to stem the evil tide, these buggers were most pathetic, in that they felt helpless to take arms against the evil as if they could do nothing?  Or worse, those that feared repercussions by the evil, who even though they knew it was killing their own, feared for themselves the cost of fighting evil.  They were all here in the sitting room of hell watching the movie over and over and over and over and over and over, they had front row seats.

The kids always love this next part, and me, I am confused as to why.  I could feel this angelic presence, this angelic presence being a different presence than G0d, this was like some chorus that took me to H-m and was now returning me back into my humanly body.  I had a strange feeling I had met this chorus before.  The body that lay dead,  my old self, I could now see from above.  I guess this is where some of those who have gone for dead and returned back to life in near death experiences, have the cliché out-of-body feeling.  The feeling that one is hovering above one's self.   My body lay comatose and all but dead spinning in the bed, all smashed and abused, and in an instant I was back in my body. 

From within, I pulled out of the leather restraints I was tied to the bed with.  I pulled out the traction tongs screwed into my skull.  I pulled out all the tubes in my body so that I could go ballistic and break free to return on my mission.  The nurses came and in panic they tried to restrain me and I fought to be free, to come back, to carry out my destiny.  In such blizzard of events that are from that point recounted by the conscious at the time, they went to take some X-Rays of my broken neck to see if I had done more damage in my fit of madness.  Miraculously, where it had previously been broken, it was now straight.  A miracle you say, no, just the result of wishing for another second here and selling my soul to taste it.  That for the time I lied in that vegetative, or should we say embryonic state of non-existence, it was presumed by the living that I would spend the rest of my life spinning in the Chicago Northwestern Hospital Spinal Unit.  Well, after straightening the neck, surgeries could then be preformed and soon it looked like I would walk out the door.  Then, I did.  I left that hospital room knowing my mission in life had changed but having no clue as to what this strange dream all meant.  The dream did not seem to be a dream, as every time I closed my eyes from then on, it was my reality.  When I wake each day I hear the children's cries of the future, it possess me as I wake.  Worse yet, their parents, those embroiled in greed, Yuppies, their faces steeped in neglect and greed, just abhor me while I walk the earth now.  I heard Jesus hated the rich and greedy too.

The kids ask, "dad how are you going to save the world?"  I tell them by listening to the angels voices that come to me and not turning away from evil and having faith in good and G0d.  I tell them that when I awoke from this comatose state, it was like I was possessed, there seemed to be a chorus in my head screaming for me to change this or that, with a choral death tune of children dying in pain playing in the back.  I was suddenly having all these fears of the children dying.  Fears of the end of their world and all the animals dead in an empty and barren earth.  Wonder why I fear no manly evil?  I was 19 with no kids and everyone looked at me strangely who knew me before, certainly I was changed. 

I tell the kids that my life became not mine at this moment of awakening.  I began to have interests in things which formerly I had none.  They ask, "like what?"  I tell them that first off I began writing a poem, no, a rock opera (here I always have to read it to them although it is horrible). A Dinosaur Story  I tell them that I, or they, will one day make the story a rock opera with the coolest techno effects, so cool and fresh, that when the children see it they will fear greed, they will fear G0d, and they will know that extinction is forever and lays at their doorstep.  That this rock opera will teach children that if they forget to respect and love the "Greater and the Grander Things with Which it This Strange Life Does Bring" there are consequences.  That this Dinosaur Story is the start to teaching the children from young ages not to be caught up in the greed, to not forget to love G0d.  To not listen to man's attempts at claiming he is G0d and to not follow in perverse ways that benefit only ones self.  To instead partake in caring for all first, and then oneself.  I tell them that this Dinosaur Story awaits the children but that I got sidetracked into another vision that took precedence, a vision prompted by yet another choral tune in my head. 

A vision in the sense that I had no idea why I awoke one morning possessed by the coolest invention ever, that came again from those angels screaming in my head.  This invention, a living and growing Thought Journal, was the answer to children solving global problems, the problems slowly killing the people and their precious life resources.  This was the answer that would prevent me from telling children that if they did not kill their parents first, their parents would most certainly kill them.  Killing them without even considering their futures, blinded by greed, killing and destroying their earth for this or that material possession, I just had so much trouble teaching the children this.  The Thought Journal posed an alternate theory to parent killing that made sense and might work.  For the first time I had an idea that I could run with that would not get me stoned to death and certainly the killing of the parents I was espousing prior to this vision of a Thought Journal, were not making me popular with adults and the ruling authority.  Yet, I remember the price for complacency and so I care not what people think, I want not a front row seat or any seat in that auditorium of hell.  Anyway, the first theory still works if the second one fails but why a Thought Journal must come to be, in the right hands.

That at the time this idea for a Thought Journal began, I had never had an interest in computers.  Suddenly, I was possessed by them, they took over my life, I was somehow becoming one of them.  I would come to see in college that if we could connect all the people through fax machines, or through a computer modem (at the time no Internet existed) we could start to journal peoples thoughts on how to solve the global problems are kids were inheriting from our greed.  It was more a tool for the children to use to come together as one and unite.  To share ideas aimed at solving for the desecration their parents heaped upon them daily, a means to find ways to offset the damages occurring by the second.  I felt that if I could get the children all together on the same page and transcend our parents hatred of each other, steeped in the belief that one set of people is better than the next or some other hokey religious ideologies, that I could get the children to overcome their hatred and wars against each other.  I could pit them in a war against the loss of their resources, a war to save the planet, to preserve a future for them and their children.  I then created a Thought Journal and tried to have people fax their thoughts on anything to help the children.  One of the costs of a Thought Journal was a commitment to give at least one thought, no matter how crazy it may seem, to solving some form of problem plaguing us.  A growing and living archive of ideas, no matter how strange, in the hope that from these thoughts of this massive mind meld of the children, we could find, maybe find one or two answers.  Answers which would keep me from instigating a revolution that would cause death to parents first, of course, only greedy fat parents. 

Excerpt from the original Thought Journal ("TJ") follow.  Where the idea was to expose myself, my vision, my possessed state first in the TJ to establish that one could share thought safely and without fear of condemnation for their thoughts.  That I would be the only exposed and persecuted, if ever such time came.  Knowing the thoughts in the TJ could one day come into stark conflict with the ruling authority and be considered a tool of revolution, yet if the thoughts of man were different, when safe from condemnation, then change could have a platform. 







Authored by the human race. 

Dedication:  To my mother and father for unconditional love, a disease I hope to spread to all the children of this world.




We must come together as a united planet, for if we are in war with natural resources such as water, ozone and the likes, they are not indigenous to regions,  are recycled throughout the globe, and  are very limited.  From ozone holes worldwide, you can already expect 50 million new cases of skin cancer and a surge in blindness.   To make the sun our enemy children, will be a war you will certainly lose.  If mother nature calls us together, she calls to us through a single united voice. 


Currently I have begun the Institute For  Critical Thought, a non-profit organization.  The Institute is a non-biased center, accepting thoughts on any issue, from any person,  regardless of; creed, color, religious ideals, political ideals, socio-economic status, age, and sex.   In order to become a subscriber there are two processes,  the purchase of the current Thought Journal and your participation in the Thought Journal. 


The Penny Times, A Thought Journal, is unlike any book before it, as it is a living and growing entity, being built by all who wish to participate.   The purpose of the Institute is to create an entity in which problems facing our futures, and more importantly those problems facing our children's futures, can be addressed and theorized upon by all, anonymously.  The Institute providing a method for all, to express and share thoughts, globally.  No rules or regulations will apply, no criticisms, just free expression.  Finally, the Institute belongs to all the people of the world, yet it is intended as a donation to the children of the future.  A point, where the true process of unification can begin, where together the children of the globe can solve the problems of the globe, as one.  


The price to access The Penny Times, A Thought Journal, is a penny for  the thoughts, times the inflation rate since Jonathan Swift,  in 1726, said, "A penny for your thoughts."  Multiplied by .01, or, one hell of a discount.  I have taken the average rate of the consumer price index since 12/31/1913  to 3/31/1992, 3.9%, from American Funds Group Statistical Update 3/31/92, and calculated it back to 1726 using a penny.  The penny currently would equal $262.87, which seems absurdly expensive for my thoughts or this Thought Journal.  So I have given Peoplekind a discount, and, The Penny Times, A Thought Journal,  will cost $2.62 for my thoughts and the thoughts of all current subscribers.  This $2.62 is my writing fee and to cover costs of superhuman computers.


In addition you must pay The Institute For Critical Thought, $2.62 + postage + cost of the media you prefer the TJ on,  along with your own thought on any subject, or, thoughts on my thoughts.  The participation is essential, as your thoughts count.  Each additional thought of yours will have a  .26 charge to record it.  That is for those who can afford it, if you can not afford any of these costs, just send in your thought and we will put it in.  The Institute would not want to miss the thoughts of the poor, or Russians, or anyone else suffering economic plight.  Each thought will be input on CD ROM laser memory of read only files,  and thus will accumulate based only on the dates scanned into memory.  Each CD will then be released to major linguistics centers around the world, to be translated into all languages. 


If you are a subscriber  of  The Penny Times,  A Thought Journal, you may access any or all the thoughts of all members, at any time.   The Institute will be posing questions annually, to subscribers, on a variety of problems that currently plague our world, in an attempt to find solutions to help all.   The problem for 1992, rapidly effecting all creatures, Ozone Holes, thoughts on ozone will be input at no charge.


I am currently trying to establish ties with the Red Cross, to establish Thought booths at crisis centers worldwide.  At these booths, paper, pencils and tape recorders will be the only tools, in a search for critical thoughts on helping the situation from those involved.  A comical example, a massive mud slide is tearing apart a village, a child suggests putting Lego building blocks at the basin to hold the slide.  The next moment you are calling Fisher Price for the biggest blocks ever. 


We are working on subject indexing, any thoughts on this problem will be greatly appreciated.  Remember, if you choose to participate in Peoplkinds thoughts, you must submit at least one thought, unless you are unable to think. Within the Institute For Critical Thought, your thoughts are safe, they will not be subjected to personal criticism, or altered by the perverse process of editing.   Every thought will count, as you are paying to have them entered regardless of content.   Please be sure NOT to include your name or any other distinguishing factor, don't worry about grammar or spelling.  Encrypt only today's date on your thought.  You will be given a number  with your  first subscription, in the event you ever want to access all your own thoughts. 


If you want a copy of  The Penny Times ~ A Thought Journal, the beginning chapter in the Institute For Critical Thought,  please call 1-714-857-5423, or write:



17 Butterfly

Irvine  CA  92714. 


Anxiously awaiting your thoughts.


Warm personal regards, world unity, and world peace ♥☺


Eliot I. Bernstein






February 12,  1992


An old past time to resume on this gloomy day in raining L.A.  So many years have past since I wrote my personal thoughts and passions.  So many twisted events have come to shape my mind, I stand crying at this cross road of my life, wondering if ever stability will reign within.  Since the accident 10 years ago I have traversed the highest peaks only to fall with the force of gravity to hell.  I now question my ability to pick up the pieces and climb again.  You would have me believe that is an easy task.  With your understanding of the past hells I've seen and been part of, you probably think I should have gained knowledge and strength for my next journey.  The question pulling at me now is do I have the courage, the will and the energy to overcome. 


Most lives and minds are not quite as tired as mine feel, at such a youthful age, but I, as you know seem to have lived one hundred years of experience.  Am I experiencing the same lack of will one encounters in old age?  Have I given up the  fight, to conform and be accepted, after a life of being rejected.  Afraid of the total rejection of the past, I have chosen to conform for acceptance, and in the process my spirit has weakened. 


I have been modified to act for acceptance within a society that could not tolerate my deviance.  You have missed this transformation, yet my actions are evidence, and it is from these that I conclude that if I do not fight for my intrinsic nature, my purpose here will have ceased.  A mental suicide, more harmful and pathetic than the act.  My rebellion tamed, I am uncertain of my power to overcome, afraid of the loss of what I have conformed to receive. 


Hitting a car carrier at 80 MPH, having a few Cadillac's on my head, you may also suspect has had a profound impact on my strength and courage.  I am afraid to assess the importance, and this you will not understand until your time has come.  Yet,  somewhere deep in my mind it will be a major aspect in which road I will now travel.  I doubt suicide, I anticipate freedom.


The cost of freedom is my single greatest fear, possibly the fear that has constrained me most since being sent away at thirteen.  My vulnerability exposed, don't abandon me here alone; the albatross hung for the world to see and dragged me near death to the bottom of the sea.  The oxygen which once enriched me so, now seems to wane and lose its glow.  Beset by obstacles of love and acceptance will I drown here or again rise free?


Go back with me now over those fragile moments and you may understand the way I am.  Born to rebels, I rebelled against all, determined not to be influenced by others, and thus I immediately came into conflict with every person.  No one would tell me how to act or think, I would shape my own destiny. No molestation of my spirit by others opinionated and tainted advice.  At this point in my life I do not think I had learned this trait, it was innate.  I did not question authority, I blatantly disregarded it. 


Within the super structure of my family, rebellion  was not only nurtured but promulgated.  My parents came from painful childhood's and with intensive psychoanalytical therapy have vowed to pave a different path for their kids.  In defying their parents methods and practices openly, their own methods were suspect and open to their children.  Not only did they allow us to question their methods, they urged us to undertake therapy in an attempt to understand our behaviors and their behaviors, and, the effect theirs were having on our own.  I was the first in therapy at eight.  The reason, mass non-conformity to the norm.  I still go at 28,  the reason, mass conformity to the norm.  I am an extremist.




Yet I am a natural rebel and conformity has been feigned, for I am still truly in disagreement with all establishments or cults.  Weighing heavily on my spirit is the understanding that I cannot conform to the norm for acceptance.  The reason I began the process of conforming, to survive within society.  When sent away, I learned that in order to be a rebel, certain traits would have to be sacrificed in order to have a society to rebel against.  I saw very young that if you did not fit, society had it's way of stifling you.  Alone and very angry at the world, I reflected intensely on why I did not fit in the mainstream. 




Questioning all, I began my life with no pre-defined beliefs.  At home I was the center of negative attention, I could not obey rules, my parents could not control me.  No matter the methods they deployed to modify my behavior, I was constantly finding ways to stir trouble.  My energy level was manic, life seemed full of adventure, and the only obstacle in my way seemed rules and regulations. 



My mind most radically differs from the norm, I accept no answers from others in an attempt to gain comfort.  Discomfort has ruled my mind since birth. Lost and helpless in a sea of confusion and the answers written in stone were only others illusions.  So striking to me was the way in which all children seemed to conform to the norm of their homes and environments, and simply accept what they were told to believe.  I am of the belief that these personality patterns are the result of manipulation of the juvenile mind, and not the child's innate mind running a normal course. 


From birth, each one of us is bombarded with hosts of beliefs from a  variety of institutions, in which our faith is tamed with assaults on our innocent infant and fragile psyches.  The greatest crime of humanity, more degenerative and stagnating than all others, the killing of the intrinsic beliefs of our children.


Deny that you are a not a product of other's beliefs.  That your own innate beliefs have long been mute and dying somewhere deep and out of reach, and I will cry lie.  Unless you admit chaos and confusion, and thus the true pain of ignorance, I cannot even relate.  Order chaos, and you have religion, politics and law. Predict order from chaos and you have science.  Since order does not exist, all attempts at ordering rely on faith to a degree.  Theories are all we believe, truth is what we desire, ignorance and confusion are what we have, and, fear is what controls our thoughts.


Fear of admission of chaos, confusion and disorder, allows for extreme vulnerability to conformity.  In order to qualify for familial, cultural, religious and political acceptance we slowly sell our souls to pre-defined and prehistoric beliefs.  Or, we are outcast and shamed for lack of conformity.  Extreme pressure on an individual to separate from others and become "sane" or "normal" by a particular cults definition.  The first cults to prey on our minds, are propagated and dictated by the belief systems of our parents.  Since parental acceptance is possibly the most powerful influence on our actions, we are in constant need of their approval and love, and we live in constant fear of the withdrawal.  Not only are physical attributes visible within a family's geno-structure, mental beliefs and thus our personalities are also hereditary and observable.  How many children accept the same religious fantasy, political ideals and cultural laws?  How many more have the same prejudices, emotions, temperaments, neuroses and psychosis, as their parents?  Even when children are rebellious and defy their parents, it is often only from a temporary lack of acceptance and a direct attempt to gain attention. 


Alone and afraid, the infant needs parental acceptance in order to survive.  Through acceptance we feel the basic needs will be provided, a system of rewards created that promotes conformity, and a system of punishments created that destroys individuality.  The "perfect child" acts in strict accord with the pre-defined ideals set by parents, teachers and preachers.  The "problem child" often ventures far astray from this route.  Parents understand for they constantly praise the child that fulfills the ideals promulgated and damn those that don't.  Parents thus being the first influence on our frightened psyches often have a lasting affect on our behavior and beliefs.  Easy to persuade conformity to any belief, through withdrawal of love and affection.  I am the middle of five children and I have witnessed the powerful effect this persuasion has on influencing children's actions to vie for parental attention and acceptance.  How it has shaped they're very lives, even into adulthood, mine included.




Parents then submit children to schools and churches which further their beliefs.  These institutions control through similar methods as parents.  Always a set of rules and regulations, always a system of reward, and finally, a system of punishment for non-conformists.  Unlike my family, these institutions had no tolerance for the rebel, they did not try to understand, they demanded change.  When my will would not bend, my real problems with society multiplied. 


Off to Hebrew school to become a Jew, yet even my own kind could not accept me as my own.  From the first words of the preachers lips, I was cracking up.  History in religious terms' seemed more like a cartoon, and I found no basis for reality.  A man splitting a sea and talking to burning bushes?  An imaginary G0d choosing chosen people?  A G0d who flooded the entire world but one boat?  A G0d killing first born children??  This I find to be particularly bizarre and perverse for a G0d to be doing, does it not know that children are innocent?   Anyone who prayed to a G0d that slaughtered innocent infants I thought to be insane. 


Institutionalized G0d's and my G0d were in immediate confrontation, for I am of the belief that my creator loves all creatures equally.  My G0d did not ask me to pray, submit, and accept only him.  He instead was the G0d of total confusion that allowed me to think and contemplate the wonder of the creation with a specialized brain, I think?  My G0d did not build buildings, many people I know did, to observe H-s greatness.  The only places I ever feel limited in viewing the powers of creation, are within techno man's institutions. 


Forced into these institutions, I felt like I was missing my G0d's work as it went on outside.  I could not attempt to understand it in brick buildings with gatekeepers.  Preachers and teachers, promulgating their colored college degrees and decrees, mass producing sameness for the politics of the day.  I had to escape.  I could not bear to watch all these children being molested, losing their free will and spirits before my eyes, as the world blindly passed them by.  Nobody was going to force me to submission, no matter the tactic, and I stood up to any belief with my own.  I have paid the price since. 


I could argue any belief.  Hebrew school suspended me for I was uncontrollable and a threat to the entire system they were trying to brainwash Jewish children with.  I wondered why so few other kids questioned their religious beliefs, and blindly accepted what was fed to them.  The reason I presumed, fear of rejection and fear of repercussions.  Group pressure to be the same or go to hell.  My G0d created no hell other than institutions which blocked the vision of H-s grandeur other than through stained glass.  Through rituals and festivals did they entice, through gifts did they buy our young spirits.  I mean when I heard of Santa Claus I damn near had a mental breakdown when I found people believing in it, did they believe in Mickey Mouse too?




School was another institution designed to instill the beliefs of the ruling system.  Teachers, like preachers, enforced the belief of the day with a system of rewards and punishments.  Theories taught as absolutes, and grades based on your degree of acceptance.  Thus, one plus one equaling two became a reality for most children, not simply a theory.  Schools also taught that chaos was somehow predictable and fact.  In astronomy, for example, we learn that the earth has predictable movements around the sun and as such we can set our watches accordingly.  A twenty four hour day becomes the norm, (and fact?), and we set our cycles accordingly.  Of course, this will all change one day, when the sun loses it's planets or a meteor knocks us off course.  Yet, reality often becomes suppressed in exchange for the comfort we find in having chaotic events as facts.  There was no room for variance from these facts in schools, variance was condemned with poor grades.  When I challenged the "facts," I became labeled obstinate and a behavioral problem. 


Once labeled a troublemaker, the system applies pressure for conformity.  Arguments with teachers led to immediate discipline, in front of the entire group, and then tactics of isolation.  Sent to the principle's office, outcast from your peers, punishments applied, these are but a part of the methods employed to strip individualism and create conformity.  If you do not adapt to the system after punishment, you further become labeled a delinquent or misfit, and  are removed from the mainstream.  This dear reader has a devastating effect on the fragile psyche of a youngster, once outcast and labeled, it is near impossible to have confidence in your self. 


Rejection from the norm is a powerful aspect in directing any life, more so for the rebel.  Once removed from the mainstream, you feel rejected and angry, as if you belong to nothing, your self worth is shattered.  Normally, home, school and religious groups are all applying pressure to the rebel for conformity, trying to "save" you if you accept their ways.  At home the rebel is the black sheep, at school the rebel is the delinquent and at religious pomp the rebel is a subject of Satan.  Now, if that is not enough pressure to conform you, then society has institutions to remove you.  Prisons, mental institutions, special schools, and the likes are but housings for misfits to the norm.  Society has many labels for those confined, thanks to our ability to define chaotic behavior in absolute patterns; through psycho-babble such as; psychotic, neurotic, dysfunctional, retarded, antisocial, compulsive, obsessive, delusional, depressed, paranoid, personality disordered, psychopathic, schizophrenic, sociopath, or some other syndrome.  Once diagnosed, hosts of treatments based on prevailing therapy theory, such as;  psychoanalytic, behavior modification, conditioning, aversion, cognitive, drug, shock, are rendered.   If these do not work there is always the threat of death or death itself.




Not many children can withstand the weight of these attacks, from so many institutions, on the free spirit.  Instead, finding themselves either conforming or being condemned.  The rebel, is either tamed or sedated by the controlling forces, and thus poses little threat unless of course revolution stirs.  Yet revolutions are becoming rarer due to the armament used to suppress them.  Indicated in Tiananmen Square, where the adult power structures killed their own children for their voices.  Makes you wonder that if children see no way to rebel with voices, they may take up knives to their very parents. 


I rebel against every single theory supposed to be fact.  I think chaos rules, that all beliefs are the result of the predictability of chaos.  Over time, certain elements of chaos become predictable, so predictable that we  believe they are facts, examples; the 24 hour day, the 365 day year, the moon at night, gravity, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.  All are only patterns of chaos, subject to change at any moment, and new patterns evolve.  The erosion may be gradual or sudden, chaos has no defined order.   Everything believed is only theory, yet why cannot humanity accept the bliss of chaos?  Man needs order to suppress fear, the fear that our own lives are chaotic.  From nowhere do we appear, to nowhere we seem to go.  Most organisms go through life seemingly unconscious about existence, as if, the transitions of life are only a part of existence on a grander scale.  Man, in stark contrast, centralizes existence on himself, fixating on this brief state of transition.  In attempts at countering the natural chaotic order that exists, the fear that his own life, elevated in mind will cease, man searches desperately for order. 


Freud, in defining the id, ego and superego did not begin with the natural order of the mind, a state of mental chaos.  He began to interpret the mind after it had already been shaped by the controlling forces of societies.  Portraying the ego as a mediator between impulse (id) and civilization (superego), Freud neglected the ego's rejection of chaos, the force of the ego's existence.  If chaos prevails, there would be no need for the mind to undergo the destructive process of the battling forces, confusion would prevail and only instincts would rule. 




What a horrible thought, man ruled by chaos and confusion.  In a desperate plight to preserve the population and planet, humanity begins fresh.  First, wiping the blood from it's hands.  Then admitting that all these deaths in the name of the ego, have been false.  Get ready for the massive guilt from the superego, associated with all the deaths that have been caused by the ego's need for order.  Humanities method of population control, war, has been driven by this or that belief.  Most of those beliefs are now archaic, yet the dead must be tolled regardless of reason.


All battles fought, are precious wastes of time, if humanity is to challenge true tests of time, such as, entropy and chaos.  Humanity will end as a result of either it's own hands or the hands of chaos.   Yet, is it not a higher calling to give the children of the planet a future, instead of planning for their destruction?  Will your superego not be filled with horror, if your time and energy has been wasted promoting "beliefs" and "systems" for profit or death, instead of giving the children a chance?  Can you sleep at night, knowing that soon, our "systems" will force the children into desperate plights for life?  Not against one another as we have so diligently prepared for, but against the limited resources necessary to sustain life, or, mother nature.


What will be our excuse, our ego's got in the way?  If humanity does not destroy the ego, the ego will destroy humanity.  Radical reform must occur with the death of the ego, as humanity faces a near impossible feat of survival.  A profound respect for the earth, it's inhabitants, and the elements which sustain us, must prevail.  Our energy, time, knowledge, resources and technologies, must be entirely dedicated to the continuation of all.  Not the prosperity of individuals.  No individual or group "right or wrong".  Instead a unity of the species in which all people and their ideas are accepted, the link being a common pursuit for the future.  World summits of ignorance between the whole population via satellite, in which problems and solutions are exchanged amongst those wishing to air them.  With the ego dead, wars vanish, and thus no more critical energy will be wasted battling who is right and wrong.  = ☺

The fax machine combined with the computer that I saw as the answer to TJ was so hard to achieve with the general population.  Most people had trouble even operating a simple fax machine let alone hooking modem to modem.   The fax file sizes were huge and the computer hard drives were to small to make the concept work on the other end cataloging the data.  Soon I was working night and day, in my seconds of free time, to solve all these complexities.  OCR (Optical Character Recognition was infant) and so converting fax images to text was a lot of typing.  I had some help in college with Brian Fritz, Paul Miller and Joey Fischman.  We had won a computer from the Lisse's, who were insurance clients of mine in college, who owned the largest and coolest computer shop around campus.  They owned the largest computer store in Madison, Wisconsin and they lost a Leading Edge Model D custom computer, in a poker game to us.  Since it was one of the only PC's on campus, my home became Geek central.  The never ending party adapted to any situation in Madison, no matter what the center of it was, and all who started messing around with the computer, got into the new idea of a human digital TJ. 

The revolution had its start there in Madison and what better place than a campus that in the 60's blew up the school buildings to protest the wrongs of their parents in the Vietnam war.  I wonder why they are asleep now, as if sedated on drugs, in the Gulf War II, a war where US children are fighting based on falsified information, against Iraqi's who had nothing to due with the  September 11 terrorists.  A war that without protest, will make them complacent parties to far more evil behavior than mere terrorism, a fate like the Nazi's left to their children, the horror of becoming labeled historically as complacent war criminals. 

I began searching in-depth, possessed, into compression techniques, into worming hard drives, into modem/fax integration, into networking dissimilar systems or trying to get Novell to work.  I became a scanning freak and delved into archival compression, digital imaging and video and I became more and more a computer of sorts.  Or at least that is what my wife Candice's analogy of me is; a strange geek and with some very strange geeky friends.  Those geeky friends have been sprawled out over my living room floors, my offices and just about anywhere I can house them, for the last twenty years.  Slowly building out various bits and pieces of TJ.

In fact, on a side note that brings us twenty years later in the story, after the technologies were invented, a bunch of those geeky friends began to meet with some advanced technology dudes from AOLTW/WB, Sony, Disney and hosts of other very advanced geeks and we began a website Thought Journal.  We were creating this totally cool charity with these totally cool technologies, all in the name of finding solutions to help our kids. 

This is when I got sidetracked from my most important invention TJ and was forced back to Boca Raton Florida, in the middle of setting up offices in the Warner Bros. building in LA. because there was news that perhaps some were trying to steal our new inventions.  Unbelievable. We had opened an office in LA to take over encoding for AOLTW/WB and Sony and actually we had inked a deal and taken over their former in-house encoding department.  We were working in LA to create a five studio movie download project using our stuff www.movielink.com .  Here are some photo's of a few of those guys.

I had to leave these projects (and parties) when we found that our accountants, attorneys and their scumbag management plants were ripping off our patents.  At the first evidence, I had to quit my TJ pursuit entirely and begin to defend my family and our lives.  I have been buried since in piecing through the evidence for the last few years and building a case against these criminal scumbags.  So the Thought Journal has been put on hold, while we get back the revenue driver and technologies the Thought Journal would have been funded by as intended by a greater power.  We would have succeeded earlier in our case against the criminal scum, except being lawyers they were able to plant conflicted parties to violate public office and stymie and prevent prosecution.  Conflicted partners with public offices of influence who then abused public office positions in state supreme courts and civil courts to deny us due process and hide from the courtroom.  Like organized criminals, these lawyers have used all kinds of legal debauchery to hide from law, but we are getting ahead of the story. 


Prior to the LA Thought Journal attempt, by some 10-15 years, I was working on this fax simulated Thought Journal in 1992.  I cried to G0d that this was all to much, that I could not do it, that by the time I figured it out it would be to late for the kids.  No response from above, no angelic voices just defeat it seemed.  All those envious of my madness began to laugh and ridicule me for my passions and my failed attempt.  There were those friends who stood by and watched me try and helped, but this concept was nearly impossible for a small group working with limited tools, college cash and technology that just did not exist.  Then it came through loud and clear with the introduction of the Internet.  Then there was an Internet, almost like a miracle and the connection problems of modem to modem was solved for the average person and we could communicate in a central forum, albeit text mostly at the time. 

This strange and fascinating tool had far more significance to my purpose then email, websites and b2b applications.  This was it, this was the platform on which a Thought Journal could work.  This Internet was a way to bring the kids together from everywhere a true brain meld at typed speed.  All the connectivity problems between machines I had labored endlessly to make only a dent in working, somehow worked for the first time with Windows.  In less than a second I saw that this tool was perfect for the Thought Journal and that it could work as a starting point.  Well I got myself connected and was working on a project for my father, to hook his company to the web and also working to get my dinosaur story up on the web in some graphic style and start a template Thought Journal and when I finally got my great graphics and videos up to the web, it was garble, except for the text.   The compression techniques like MPEG sucked and had desecrated the art.

The bandwidth constraints at Internet speeds, even high speed, were so overwhelming that video and imaging on the Internet sucked, a mess.  In fact, about that time, I was blessed with my first son, Joshua Ennio Zander Bernstein.  Because my parents could not come to his bris  because of their ailing health, I flew out, with a friend Tai Tran and built my dad a computer with a video cam in it on an ISDN line, yes two phone signals @ 112kbps.    I did the actual cut for the circumcisions for all three of my children (I also pulled them from the womb, something I recommend to all new fathers), I can't imagine what a garbled circumcision looked like across the country on bad video conference equipment on telephone lines. Remember this is back in 1997 and the Internet was not evolved and video conference was for those capable of assembling the components from scratch.  When it was all said and done the video sucked.  Yet it was cool enough for my parents to invite their friends to watch the first Internet bris, in a microscopic video screen size, on a computer, garbled and blurry and perhaps the best way to watch a bris.   

This garbled video, the ultra compressed imaging and the tragic video conference would not do for a Thought Journal, these problems had to be fixed if my vision of a TJ using the Internet was to be possible.  To get the children to see the destruction of the earth and come together face to face to meet it head on, the medium would need full and clear video, video-conference and imaging.  My Dinosaur Story could not survive any desecration of the art, I would immediately set about on the task of what the engineers at the time gave up on.  Although I was resolved after coming to understand the bandwidth constraints, that I might be stuck in a text only world on the Internet, it would not deter my determination to keep trying to find a way, another path, off the beaten path.  That the Thought Journal would be a text journal, doable but not cool.  The engineers and their claims that it was impossible seemed assured that it was impossible.  That no compression technique existed or was available that was even close to resolving the problem made appear mathematically impossible.  Faith, unending labor and sleeplessness might find a way, something tantric was needed.  So I began a strange course, working day and night, for well over two years, trying to figure out a way out of the box, I simply could not fail, as the balance of life hangs in the wind in my demented mind. 

Now it would come to be at that time, that I would leave some of the guys I had been working with on Internet graphics in California for many years and move to Florida to be with my parents and our newborn.  A new group of guys I had assembled, at first to help my father get his company's products online, would come to think I was nuts with these strange ideas of wild dinosaur stories with graphics out of this world on the web, still at the time the an impossibility a mere madman's dream.  At the time, Jude Rosario and Zakirul Shirajee, found my insanity to be fun and helped, we tried product after product, failure after failure, we amped everything to the known max but still everything was compressed to text.  

One of my dearest friends since childhood since age 10, James F. Armstrong, began to help and was fascinated and determined to see us succeed and  he too came on this night and day inventive path.  It is interesting to note that Jim and I had our inventions as kids.  The two I like most where the drunk driving annihilator which would make you breath into a car breathalyzer which would turn on when you became sober and under the legal limit and then there was the double pump toothpaste dispenser.  A toothpaste roll with floss in the bottom and cut on the side and toothpaste dispenser on the other.  Now that was when were in high school some 20 years ago.   Also, a final favorite invention was the rose scented fart pad, that would let you rip a killer anywhere, anytime, that would be filtered through the scented pad leaving you coming up smelling like roses.  Then there was the one with Joey Fischman and my wife, Joey was a friend since we worked selling insurance in college together.  Joey and I moved to Cali with some other college buddies (Paul E. Miller and Brian Fritz who deserve special thanks for teaching me much of my computer skills) and we were selling insurance, when we wandered into the intellectual property inventive world.  

With the help of a Fischman friend and client, William Pavitt, Esq. (G0d rest his soul), a great patent attorney and good insurance client of ours. we filed the preliminary work for a patent.  We went so far as to make a patent application for a rubber band belt.    A thick oversized rubber band, that would act as a belt, that would hold up those faded sweats and shorts missing the strings or elastic, your favorites.  You just would shimmy the band up and wear those faders as if they were brand new.  We made a deal with a rubber plant who shut down over the weekend and retooled their plants equipment to make us these, for the plant owner had some college sweats and wanted the idea to work as well.  Well it did not go so well, we received bags of bands of all sizes, the problem was when you tried the shimmy, they twirled up and were impossible to work with to get straightened.  I guess before you hit a big patent you must fail along the way every so often, although I have heard of the double pump  toothpaste concept and variations of the driving annihilator coming about, so perhaps planting seeds paves the way too. 

This group, all with other day jobs, set out on this mission to make perfect Internet images and video as our goal, to do nothing less than the impossible.  So we began by trying every virtual reality product and software combination, and then increasing ram, and then increasing processors, and then increasing hard disks size and connection speeds, etc.  Then we got every form of camera and video medium and tried endless combinations and endless codec's and failed again and again to do anything more than get very tired.  Everything we tried was in vain and from their bleary and bloodshot eyes they began after time to curse me and my dinosaur dreams, yet they always came back for more.  Candice thought we were nuts and far more nuts than normal nuts.  I was going insaner, literally possessed day and night with the idea that I would find the solution, that the Thought Journal depended on it.  

Candice would heckle, stop playing with your computer, she has a competitive name for her, Della.  Where it would be the third or fourth day awake, after several months and my body and spirit looked like the walking dead as we pressed on, praying every night for the voices to hear me to a hear a choral 9th, to come tell me what I could not conquer through sheer endless efforts, that again, without help, time was running low.  There were others who started to help in this mad pursuit, two of my brother-in-laws began to devote time to helping, from across the country.  In fact, one of them, Jeffrey Friedstein, a stockbroker at Goldman Sachs, later helped create an invention that spun off the other two.  This invention was a remote control camera and file application of which our scumbag attorney patented in his own name for himself, of course, he got caught and prosecution is inevitable.  Raymond Joao's the patent attorney, he has 90 other patents in his name, now under investigation for theft, so I would advise not hiring him if you happen upon his treacherous name, nor his cohort Kenneth Rubenstein from Proskauer Rose.  There was Unky Guy Iantoni and my sister Jill, they were big factors in the development of much of the ancillary markets and applying the technologies into core new markets.  As for Unky Guy and Aunty Jill, I can say this, they are angels who came and helped and that their spirit never gave up through endless dead end ideas that failed.  

I guess from nightly persistence or tiring from my pleas, the voice finally came to me like a blaring symphonic noise and like Beethoven who must have had the same vision slam him with his dedication to Schiller of "Ode to Joy" in the 9th.  Before his blinded eyes he saw the light, the answer came through to me similarly like the notes of an opera, in mathematical perfection.  Before my sleep filled eyes came the light and said here is how to make low resolution images so that you can use them on the web with brilliance, putting them into virtual worlds with depth and brilliance never before seen.  Like watching a Madden football diagram, the schematics, the sheet music, the inventions were drawn before my eyes.  The blueprint to make zoomable anti-pixilating image technology ("ZAPIT") files resistant to pixilation.  Files so compressed that they could be transferred across the low bandwidth of the Internet and provide beautiful and rich pictures with a zoom feature that the world would find amazing.  Know that only a G0d could have enlightened a servant to bring this to the world, the concept was so out of the box, a shift in traditional digital imaging compression. 

Sweating in my dream, I awoke my wife and told her I found a way, or more accurately, was told a way, to fix images on the Internet.  As it was late at night, she rolled over and in typical Candice fashion, said that's great honey but can we start in the morning.  I then called Zak and Jude at dawn, who were still sleeping   and told them to hurry over, I had an idea.  They grudgingly woke to hear this next great idea and when they heard it, they thought it was crazy and completely out of the box but they also thought it could work. 

Problem, the tools available did not allow for the invention to be made, we would have to redesign and modify the processes of old and so we began.  This time instead of seeing their eyes filled with glaring madness at the next crazy Eliot idea, I saw their eyes filled with hope, with determination; failures now had reason and we did not stop until we had the invention designed, except for a few times where we passed out in exhaustion.  Then, just as the voices had directed, it was done.  Instantly, we were able to take super high resolution files and compress the hell out of them, while maintaining the pictures brilliance.  The most fascinating part was that these low res images allowed a virtual 3D depth on 2D images.  Unheard of, compressed JPEG's that had the ability to do miraculous zoom without pixilation.  This would allow us to take these pictures for example and use them in the Thought Journal or Dinosaur Story, to create virtual worlds to show the kids the destruction of the rainforests and let them zoom around in the picture as if they lived in it. 

Not small grainy little images that when zoomed on became ghastly and pixilated but images you could zoom and scan forever on, a 3D image created using a 2d image was just not feasible before.  The idea worked and we reveled at the powers of G0d.  We went to sleep.  When we awoke, we started to show the invention to a few people and nobody could believe their eyes, low resolution JPEG's with enormous zoom, this defied the laws of math and everything believed about digital images.  Using this technology, digital camera's with small resolution files could now utilize this in depth zoom, pan and scan technology for what has now been coined "digital zoom".  Which is a term that while descriptive is no where near as fun as ZAPIT and whatever you choose to call it, digital zoom now comes packaged on almost every digital camera and cell phone in the world.  Televisions are next and virtually any screen using digital images benefits from the invention, like X-ray machines, MRI's, space telescopes, satellites, simulators, games, microscopes, etc.  

Certainly, it being a gift from G0d to help the children - I would make sure that the world knew how it came to be and why.  I thus told each and every person who asked how they were invented, this strange dream I live, that I experience and how the inventions came to be in dream, just like that.  Go ask those lawyers and accountants accused now of stealing them, what I told them when they asked how the inventions were invented.  It was all about the Dinosaur Story, the Thought Journal and G0d combined in a vision to save the children.  Where as those who knew me for twenty years prior, thought it sounded crazy, they also knew that it was very me.  So they as always respected my madness and helped, not questioning the madness that created them.  Some friends, like Jim, who had witnessed first hand the effects of the accident twenty years earlier and how it changed me, did not find it strange at all. 

Just as everyone was reveling at the magnificence of that invention, Jude, Zak, Jim, Jeff and I were asked by all those revelers if we could fix the video problem on the Internet that we had also been trying to solve for months on end.  We said it was a far larger problem than the imaging, about 29.7 frames per second larger than the still image and with audio to boot.  This video challenge was equivalent to sucking an elephant through a straw, even on high speed cable broadband which was struggling with banner ads.  We thought too that it seemed impossible and that perhaps the math was right and that at least we could use this imaging invention as a start for the Thought Journal, certainly this cool feature could be used to get the kids attention and interest.  Investment was coming fast to get patents for this first invention and so with that inventive phase over, the inventors began work on the impossible video over the Internet problem.  We were tired from lack of sleep inventing the imaging invention but had a strange new belief in failed efforts, that one day they could pay off, all we needed was hard work, delirium and a miracle. 

So began the same process of tearing down the conventional wisdom of prior video compression schemes that had failed to find a new way.  The limits were disturbing as this beautiful art of video when put on the web looked like a Picasso dragged through the mud and rain.  What went in at 29.97 frames per second (fps), (the number of images per second one needs to see to see true motion video and audio at full screen), came out the other end of the compressor (the thing that takes big images and videos and degrades the art to fit the size of the pipe transmitting them digitally) as garbage .  Beautiful video shot by killer producers, to produce beautiful video of the world, came out like a small postage sized stamp viewing screen with only 4-5 frames per second and audio that sounded worse then am radio.  Worse yet,  in seconds of watching this Internet video it became out of synch with the audio.  If you tried to watch it full screen from the thumbnail size it was transmitted at, it was worse than a circumcision gone bad.  We tried everything in the marketplace, not swayed by the fact that the biggest companies in the world had been using every technique to try to accomplish this feat, from parallel processors, to supercomputers, to telling actors to talk slowly and not move, so that the video would look a bit better and more in sync for a few seconds.  The geeks and engineers had given up the search for television quality video over the Internet as a possible reality and resolved that the Internet was to be a text based medium with banner ads as the graphics. 

Then again, after months of no sleep, in a dream, from those voices, no noises, the symphony of angels; a vision came.  Another core breakthrough technology that would again change the world founded in this possessed state.   OK, the first invention coming in a dream that changed the world is one thing and hard to believe but two inventions coming in spirited dream, within a short span of time, that changed your world, is scary.  This scarred even me.  A schematic drawn before my sleep filled eyes again, a drift from the norm.  A concept so out of the box, it flew in the face of all known prior techniques of compression.  A redesign from the start, a recipe for full screen, full frame rate video to transfer across the Internet came as a dream, not in a waking consciousness, in voices that remain speechless.   Of course, I woke Candice first and told her of the dream, the reason  I was in a fit of sweat.  Her response again was that it all sounded great, to go back to sleep and we would start in the morning.  By the way in the morning and every morning  since she has helped in every facet to build these inventions and the companies.  Candice is the inspiration to the teams of guys, who all had that possessed look after a while of working with a madman like me, that kept us all upright through failure and she should be listed as inventor too but the patent attorney's balked at the notion.

In the morning I called everyone working on the project to tell them of this new dream.  This time they came without speculation or doubt, the idea made sense.  I had a dream (very M.L. Kingish) I said and here's how we fix the video.  They listened, and Jude and Zak pondered the oddities of the idea and thought it through, again, there was a glimmer in their eyes, although it was radical it sure sounded like it could work.  Jim from Jersey was in on ground floor with remote video readied like Watson in the other room.  We had some crash test dummies around the country to try and see the technologies remotely across the Internet and help fix the chinks.  It should be noted that at the time, to see this video, you had to go through a process of downloading and installing all kinds of things, it did not just pop up as it does today.   Angels they all were, having faith in such mad dreams, yet again, we all knew from the moment of the divine intervention that we, it, were on to something.  We were on to more sleeplessness first but again the schematic before us gave us faith and faith gave us strength.  With a few others helping to solve different pieces (Patricia Daniels, James F. Armstrong, Guy Iantoni, Jeffrey Friedstein and Matthew Mink) we tore apart the old way and redesigned according to D-vine specs.  Again, the will of G0d prevailed.  Jennifer Kluge also deserves mention as she was the first to give her day job up to help the efforts of the inventors, in fact her videos were historically some of the very first crude attempts of video that worked.

We were amazed, blown away, when the first video played across the Internet at full-screen full-frame rate without degradation to the art.  29.97 fucking perfect frames a second, an almost 100% improvement.  Truly, it was divine and as such it should be revered.  How magnificent was the invention, it now applies to every form of digital video, from the Internet where it began, to television transmissions, to motion pictures to handycams, etc.  Television transmission for the first time since its inception went from the original design of interlacing (splitting the screen into two frames for transmission and then re-assembling them on the other end) to the new G0d given scheme of scaled video.  In fact to see video created using the scaling technique is actually optically better than to see full screen video according to an engineering study done on it. 

Where the technique, the invention, is to scale the video down prior to compression, into a small highly enriched package for encoding, that scales back to full screen perfectly on the user end, using the brain as the true compressor.  So, a 75% smaller video, approximately 320x240 about quarter screen, is used to create the video.  Then this small little bitty package that fits smoothly through the small little bitty pipe (bandwidth) of the Internet or any communication of video transmission environment, is sent all the way to its final destination in this tiny shape.  Where it is then extrapolated to full screen once reaching your desktop or television and you think you are watching full screen video, when in fact it is just quarter screen blown up.  An optical illusion that tricks the brain to thinking it is watching full screen video when in fact it is viewing thumbnail video, scaled to full screen.  An invention from an inventor who has a psych degree and was a child magician, perhaps the perfect combination to overcome the math.

Now, with these inventions came other friends and new friends to help with the various aspects of marketing and selling the inventions for investment and to get intellectual property protections.  Some of the inventors were already respected businessmen with day jobs but they began devoting extraordinary time to helping build a business around the inventions.  Let's see, there was, in about this order;


I'm going to get these guys no matter who they are and this also puts the whole family at risk and I am sure some of this is all to much for his not so good heart, nor my mothers not so good health, and I swear daily to G0d that when reckoning comes that extra shit is heaped upon these criminals heads for the damage they have caused to my loving family.  I hear that response in my head loud and clear and for a short time I feel like Job, knowing that loss has gain, knowing that those who have caused this are paying already for their misdeeds.   A side note to the fight we have put up is that we fight not only for our inventions back but to prevent this kind of theft from happening to other inventors (and it is presumed from Wheeler, Dick and Utley's past in patent theft) that this is not the first or last time, if we fail.  That there are not many people like me who happen to be on mission from G0d wandering about, that are capable of taking down this kind of a corruption and prevent their inventions from being stolen.  Or even know that there lives are being ruined in this kind of scam and that even if they found out they would be fearful to even launch a retaliation.  As their lives and companies are ruined they would not even know that it was occurring through these scam artists guised as their trusted accountants and attorneys.  Even knowing, fewer would be able to endure the suffering heaped upon their families as they try to bring these guys down, who abuse law to steal and then protect themselves by using law to deny inventors their rights to press their claims.  So we put up this fight for all the little inventors of the world too.  I am sure as we expose Rubenstein, Proskauer and their little anti-competitive, monopolistic  criminal enterprise MPEG patent pooling scheme designed by criminal lawyers to steal inventions abusing law and violating hundreds of laws as if they are above the law.   There will be other inventors whose technologies have similarly been lifted who emerge claiming their technologies were stolen after submitting them to MPEG for review, a process Rubenstein is sole reviewer of.  Anyhow, as for my father, I am sure he would rather see me give up then risk getting killed over defending Shareholders' rights, protecting inventors constitutional rights and protecting the technologies.  I am sure he knows that I care less about the risks to me or my children, if we die battling evil.  I know he knows this as I have left the message loud and clear for a long time now.

And all these people not only contributed time but a lot of money in the form of investment in founding stock, that they now fear they do not own due to the criminal actions being investigated committed by their trusted professionals.  When asking questions to the Board or to the professionals who have absconded with their investments, patents and stock, they get back no response.  These guys have bought justice and courts and judges, all using the benefits of our technologies and paying themselves handsomely, and oops, they got caught.  And then they got caught abusing public offices to cover up and deny due process; soon their time will come to have to face the evidence and witnesses against them.   But before then it is best that I introduce them in the order that they came and fucked up our lives. 

What has happened you ask to the company started by these friends, family and inventors?  Why are the Shareholders caught up in this mess versus zillionaires when their technologies are being used everywhere?  How are the lawyers making money off their clients inventions, why are inventions of their clients in their own names and names of management they brought under false pretense?  Why do these professionals own identically named companies as their former clients with stolen intellectual properties buried in them?  Why are the attorneys controlling a patent pool that makes use of the stolen technologies they learned under attorney client privileges?  Why have the patents been suspended by the Commissioner of Patents on evidences of all this?  REQUEST FOR SUSPENSION and SUSPENSIONS GRANTED and we love these two patent goodies (Patent Application with dates on application of 3/10/1900 and 3/10/2020 filed by Joao) and (Patent Office Correspondence That Certain Patents Supposed to be Company Property are Not).  Good questions, same the Shareholders are asking but our professionals are hiding in conflicts and abuse of public offices to cover-up and hide from answering them.  Every time we think we have them in court or at local law enforcement, they have escaped without addressing any substantive issues and later caught having abused process to achieve such protection.  So let's begin where the cancer invaded this company, where technologies that were to aid in building a Thought Journal and were well on there way, were discovered to be being absconded with. 


I try and teach my children of the tyrannous men who attempt to destroy us now matter how big and powerful they attempt to claim they are, to not be afraid.  Instead to be inspired and angered that they exist.  They can't wait to grow up to help me beat the bad men and I sure as hell can.  I tell them that to die without purpose steeped in the will of G0d and good, is to have never lived.  If they, or I, die trying to fight for what they believe in, if it is in the name of good; in my eyes they will be loved and heroes.  I tell them to commit evil acts against others, without thought for their actions, and no fear of their Mak-r, that they will live life that will be horrible or "living hell". 

No matter where they try to run and hide while they are alive, or how they try and justify it, they will not only live life in hell but will find it following their souls beyond.  I tell them there is a greater power that should humble them and make them proud to be a part of the greatness, to further honor that higher power in every action.  This is what I am forced to tell them about almost everyday, again it is hard but honesty is hard.  I teach them this since birth, since they have been living in a world in which they see and feel the damage evil can do directly.  They feel it and I tell them that their purpose is to put an end to it at all costs, that they must be champions of good for animals, plants and lastly people and that they are chosen by G0d as angels of this purpose. 

I tell them of the hero's to make them want to be hero's.  Those already described as hero's above in their faith in making these inventions and then those who came to help further them, will be overlooked here, already having achieved an angelic sense above.  No, I tell them about these crazy people who once the scam was known, stuck their necks out to tell the truth or aid and despite entangling themselves in danger took risk.  This is truly heroic.


I tell them that these hero's, these pioneers, the truth of the inventions are the reasons the children must be told the real story of the inventions and history must be corrected.  That if I die trying, they are to carry on, so as to reveal the inventions true beauty, to reveal the true and correct inventors and to tell you how they came be.  So you may hold them in the same awe they hold me in.  Be careful here for the Grail is awful tempting and you must have integrity of steel, to look at it, and currently almost everyone looking at a video on the Internet or tv or movie theater or cellphone or videocamera or camera is looking directly at the Grail inventions.  Some peoples eyes will be plucked from their head for the crimes but for others, they have already changed the world, correcting the truth and giving them their true credit and royalties is only a short time away.  You just don't know the truth of what you are seeing because of some really shitty criminals disguised as patent lawyers and cloaking themselves in the legal system, that have tried to claim G0d's gift to the children as their own.  Can you imagine, patent lawyers claiming others (their clients no less) inventions as their own?  They are possessed too but they answer to a different beat (beast) and for eternity they will go down as the biggest stain on the legal system and our Constitution, they will then go to the ultimate law maker who will have no mercy on their pitiful souls.   

Oh yeah, I always tell the kids to wear their safety belts because of the dangers of parked car carriers, as mine saved my life in part and because guys like Chris Wheeler drive drunk. 

This is enough of Eliot's life for the day, I must prepare to see if the United States Supreme Court will now become part of the legal systems effort to steal inventions, penetrated by a few, if such corruption has reached the most esteemed walls of justice and will they allow inventions to be stolen from inventors, especially inventions from the be-ng that created them.  Will they attempt to aid the commission of the crimes for their brethren turned criminal.  Or will they be what they are titled, Supreme (although it is never good to liken oneself to the S-preme) but they have humbled upon sworn oath under h-s name, so I await to see if they are still beholden to such S-preme being.  Either way, if the case does not bring their wrath, our children have a harder time fighting to change greed and corruption with the Constitution and law, when it law serves its enemy.   Thus they must begin change by tearing down the system, as the Constitution provides, when the system corrupted and try again, a little wiser.   It must be remembered that it is not the system that has corrupted but those sworn under G0d's oath to uphold it.  Fear them not, tear them down now before they tear you down and your children.

be back soon to put up the poems and stuff, just have to dig them up, but one I do have here now is one written to the "bad men who stole G0d's technology".  I sent this poem five minutes after discovering even more corruption to everyone who was guilty as shit, INSIPID LITTLE COCKROACHES OF MINIMAL BRAIN . I guess for now while they seem to be able to buy off justice just a bit longer, we will continue to hammer them with poetry, and I know poems that have not changed since mankind began to write a halleluiah and tributes to h-m, where as laws and lawyers pass and change, poems forever remain.

July 17, 2005

and i have but a sec.  I need law, this is why I will tear out the corruption in law that has seeped into our system to make law work for crime and corruption.  Sometimes, especially when there are powers that control the people, these systems start with the best intent and then after time, as bad men figure how to beat the system designed to protect against them, it is time to tear down the system, off with the heads of those involved in the corruption and fresh faces and ideas prevail.  Where our Constitution is the ultimate document in that it allows the system to adapt and if corruption penetrates to work against the people the document calls for all kinds of militia to be formed and rights to bear arms against it and all those fun things we die to protect as sacred.   Yet some see it as a tool to gain for themselves at the expense of the people and some even find it a tool of crime as presently evidenced at Iviewit.

Why do I need law redesigned from top down, because I need law to protect the children and the current system precludes their access and rights.  You see, if the children cannot create laws to protect themselves and the planet, and their parents are all f'd up in greed and themselves, then what law protects the children.  Big business controls laws to improve their pocket books, adults use the law to protect their private interests, politicians enact laws that favor their positions and where do the kids, the most important asset of lives, fit in.  Where does G0d fit in and where does mother earth and the other creatures who cannot file these nauseating petitions and briefs fit in.  If they fit in anywhere it is at the bottom, not the top.  So for law to work for the children, it must give full access to the kids to protect their futures.  If we deny that access the most important voice is silenced and they are subject to consequences.

Now if we can re-establish that law is to protect the people, starting with our most valuable asset the child, then we can begin change, we can begin to use law first for protecting the future and then for self-interests.  Sure we have environmental law but they are the least paid and least funded sector of law and the system has skewed that so that self interest groups who work against the environment to increase their own wealth at the expense of the whole come first.  I mean you do not need to be to smart to see that since the industrial revolution in only two hundred or so years we have destroyed the place.  We paved it and polluted and have made an environment for our children that looks like the head at a rock concert.  We have destroyed our rain forests, we have lost our minds.  What do you have for all that a mortgage.  You have beef every night at the expense of your rainforests (add up how many cows, chickens and pigs die each night at your hands around the world so that you may gorge on a carnivorous diet that is not right for you) and you and your children start to look obese and sickly from it but more your soul is weakened.  If you listen carefully tonight for all the animals being slaughtered for every burger in the world, you will hear a horrible cry.  But you are to blind to see it and the forces of profit hide it from you and package it as a "happy meal", dead cow nuked in paper box is a "happy meal".  I guess if your used to eating shit.  I always ask the kids why people drink cows milk when it is for calves.  I ask, would you climb under a cow and suck her teat.  I ask why people drink mothers milk of another species (no other animal does) and why after they are grown up would they drink mothers milk of another (no other animal does).   They used to not know the answer.  The answer is simple, it is good business to dairy men and even though it makes no sense, they brainwashed children in their school lunch program, through lots of campaign contributions, to drink cow tit milk from another species as doing a body good.  Whose body, a calf?  Well, you just keep believing you need it because you don't think for yourself anymore from watching to much tv and believing everything you are sold.  With no laws to protect the kids, we have them drinking milk for a calf, and by the by, if G0d wanted you to drink cows milk he would have made you a calf or your mother a cow.  Name another species that suckles from another species.  Would you even tell your 15 year old to go suck a human breast for milk.  All other animals after nursing, go to water.  The Tale of Yamagoochi.  So who is protecting their diets, their environment and their future?  Where law designed to protect their rights, the fundamental first is to life, and where we are using law to destroy it.  Well not for much longer.  Think I am kidding, I can hear the voice, I have seen the light.  No, I am not going to law school and I am not going to judge you, I am going to force changes, changes that force the truth to be told to our children and changes that place them first in the legal food chain.  Were I see a destiny to cause upon law the a massive change back to first respecting the oath of G0d that law requires and then back to respecting first the 10 commandants or something similar that protects fundamentals and is a simple condensed pocket version written in English.  I mean what is written in Latin in today's world, medical jargon.  Because of that law for the common man turned into law for the linguist, it's become so cumbersome and lengthy and confusing that no wonder kids no longer understand right from wrong.  I mean two tablets has turned into this huge mess that not even the lawyers and politicians can understand nor have time in their busy lives of excess to read?  So as a society we should reconsider the ten most important values to teach our children and where the fear of G0d is instilled if they do not obey such laws.  The ONLY things those 10 should be composed of are the fundamentals of protecting our children's futures, not a single personal interest, other than the right to have what one earns if the earnings do not violate the other 10.  Now we have laws for both but they are now prioritized better.  Where if the environment is number one, then goodbye all the shit that is not good for it and until they find a way to remake it safely and with care to follow the first 10 than it will be fail safe.  For now I accept what these dirty and corrupt lawyers have done as a challenge, a challenge I will not lose for again if you lived in my twisted mind for just a moment you would never be the same.  So I see law as a key to the salvation, we just have to destroy the nonsense that has accumulated to perverse its intent back to the right things.

July 21, 2005

Ok - so you want to know the driving force behind my power.  Scratchy.  My wife, the love of my life who has suffered more dearly than most.  Her life has gone to hell through this patent thingy and her strength has never wavered, her support never dies.  So it goes that after Utley threatened my life in California and told me to watch my back, I called Candice and told her to pack up the kids over night, pack the house (by herself) and run.  So she did, in only a few days, she uprooted our lives and ran from her home she loved to move into a hotel in Los Angeles.  Special thanks goes to her dear friend Mollie DeKold who put us in the vice presidential suite at the St. Regis in Los Angeles for $50 a night to hide us whilst we figured out what to do for two months. 

Or better that story, with this one of her strength.  So it goes that another friend, Joel Gonsalves and his family, came to rescue us from another fateful move and harbored us at his home while we prepared the case against the bad guys.   So when we were leaving to come back to Boca to go to court against these guys, we had just had our third boy days earlier, I asked her to divorce me.  To leave me and let me go to Boca alone as there would be many enemies waiting my return and it would be safer for her and the kids to split and say they hated me while I went to war on these assholes.  We fought harder than ever over it, I told her men do not bring their babies to battlefield with their wives and that if I won I would be back in flash for her and the kids.  NO - she would not hear of it.  If I were going to war, her and the kids were coming, she feared not for our lives, she feared no evil.  I said what if the kids get hurt or you, and she retorted that it would be the will of G0d and that she would not leave my side.  I gave up for she is the only warrior I fear. 

This is a woman unlike any other.  No matter how fierce the opponent against us, she remains convinced that we must prevail no matter the suffering to her and the kids, she is convinced that we fight for the future and what is right.  Suffer, well she has lost every asset we owned, including her home, credit cards, bank accounts, cars, etc.  We are on welfare and food stamps to fight the fight and even if the kids are hungry she maintains that good must prevail over evil.  As it has gone from bad to worse, I have asked again and again for her to leave, to get the F away from me and she is steadfast.  I do not think on the other hand that I could have carried the torch without her and the kids, I know that even though my back is to them their warmth runs through me and strengthens me.  I know that my fear for them forces me to never turn my head on this fight, knowing their lives are imminent danger and it motivates like nothing else, although I sure miss them.  I know now after seeing how complex this crime against us was, that after they stole the patents had they got away with it, they would have not wanted me or my family around to ever uncover this and it would have only been a moment away to our deaths in some crazy scheme of theirs.  In fact, their biggest mistake was to send BUtley to threaten me instead of just kill me at that point.  That mistake forced me to reckon with the threat by running and hiding to build a case against them, forcing them to come to me on my home turf in California.  They did not stand a chance and once I had my family out of Boca, I turned my back on them, have never turned it around, and will not until the enemy is dead.  Four years of my life I have not had a moment to spare to give them my love or play with them like I would if I did not have to beat these guys.  Yet, Scratch and I know this is a winner take all war, that these guys will not let go of our stuff or stop pursuing us until they either win or go to prison.  So with my back to the family and working night and day, Scratch takes care of the kids, with lovin' arms, takes care of me, takes care of the dogs and never complains.  She is my night in shining armor.

How much I love her, complete.  How much she loves me, complete.  We are so focused on doing the good deed and helping kids that even in this mess she is always helping someone in need, even though we are in desperate need of help ourselves. 

Then there are our friends who have suffered just watching the assaults on our lives, and who have helped us in this crisis in any way they could.  Although there are too many to name, I will, because they are the unsung heroes who make this story beautiful instead of a nightmare, they stand as witness to the truth and they have become a part of the story in their efforts to help against these insidious forces, and if we win, it will be do to friendships and love conquering evil, and certainly a story to tell your kids of good versus evil.  If we lose, tell your children to move from this country or fight to take it back, because all that was good under the Constitution will have been lost.  And this is the part where a small group has fought against a much larger evil but as you can see from the picture of me below at age 12, we are ready to fight for what's right.  OK, maybe not with all the guns but certainly with the same fervor, that's me on the left.

2005 08 24 - A Crazy Thing Happened on the Way to Pick Up Our Car

Ok - So my wife breaks down in Boca taking our son to the dentist.  She calls my brother, he says he is calling AAA to have the car picked up.  It is towed to Family Auto in Boynton Beach.  While sitting at Family Auto waiting to have a battery replaced, the car is broken into (Police Report - Car Blow Up Pictures and Car Theft Images) .  Yeah, I know that sounds bad but it can happen, we of course assumed that someone wanted the bugs they planted out. 

Oh yeah, a side story, one day Candice was cleaning the kids bedroom when she came across a bag of tiny little wireless transmitters with totally high tech bugging buggers attached.  Totally cool stuff, we gave it to David Colter who thought it might be left over baggage from a friend of his Jamie at Bluezone out of Canada who had stayed at our house.  Or it reminds me of the 10 break-ins to our home that have happened since we discovered cool technologies.  Ok - knowing that we live in constant danger trying to expose organized crime at this level, this kind of stuff albeit unbelievable is all very real and well documented. 

Back to the car.  So after like 2 months of getting fixed for the break-in, it was all done and the insurance company had paid the auto body company, Mater Auto and we were set to pick the car up Monday.  So Monday morning we called to have Candice pick it up with the kids after school.  Master Auto called back stating that the car had blown up, catching two other cars on fire and had burnt to the ground (Picture 1 - Blow Up, Picture 2 - Blow Up, Picture 3 - Blow Up).  At 2am on Saturday no less, in an autobody shop surrounded in barbed wire, well lit and presumably hooked to good security. 

What was more distressing was to find from Master Auto that it was being investigated as an arson by the fire department.  Not good.  Candice and the kids could be dead had it spontaneously combusted only a few hours later.  I await the investigation, I notified the federal authorities.  I checked to see if any other cars had spontaneously combusted perhaps due to the hot weather over the weekend in Florida and none.  In fact, I could not find any information for any cars that just were sitting there and poof historically.  Of course, we think the bomb might have went off just a wee bit early.  I'm not accusing anybody but...  Gotta give my wife a lot of credit for her bravery she is not shaken, stirred or intimidated.  She still will not leave me.  Me well by now you are starting to understand that this does not bother me or intimidate me or in any way stir my resolve to bring down evil.  It all makes me stronger, pissed off and more resolved to see these matters brought to fair and impartial due process in a conflict free forum and waive these guys goodbye for the next 50 or so years.  Killing my family would have only made me more pissed, more resolved and certainly with more reason.  The reason being to prevent this from ever occurring to anyone else, perhaps less strong or less connected people who could have never survived this.  To make sure that if murder is on their agenda, the buck stops here and now. 

I have done some basic estate planning to insure that even if we are deceased for whatever reason, a series of acts will follow which will leave them in far worse shape and with capital offenses possibly in death penalty states.  One need not look very far to start investigating.  I mean we asked the Supreme Court of Florida upon finding that local Johnny Q. Law might not be on the up and up in representing that they had taken the investigations of stolen SBA funds and frauds against the shareholders to the SEC to put us in protective custody.  (Florida Supreme Court Motion for Protective Custody and Supreme Court of Florida Motion Supplement).  Now imagine, they have the case SC04-1078 before them with all these alleged crimes emanating to the top of the Florida Bar and this was there response to that (Florida Supreme Court Order Protective Custody).  Can you imagine that the Florida Supreme Court finding out crimes were occurring inside the Florida Bar, that they have over sight responsibilities for, that local PD was misrepresenting investigations with the SEC and that crimes against the United States Patent & Trademark Office were under investigation offered me the opportunity to take the matter to another undefined court.  Claiming they had no jurisdiction in the matter, yet again, they had obligations, obligation to report the crimes and they did nothing except then try to aid and abet the crimes by having the pertinent records destroyed.  No they tried to exculpate themselves from their duties and judicial cannons by making it like it was my responsibility to prosecute law enforcement and bar members involved in crimes.  They did not even when requested, tell me what court I should take this too.  They suck and for this we are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to take action against the Florida justices for their misconduct and orders to destroy records pertinent to investigating abuses of Supreme Court offices by their members.  This type of obstruction tactic only proves they are in a hurry (prior to Florida record retention laws) to destroy evidence.  Yet it increases my wife's worries, it leaves us with the feeling that lawyers cannot be responsible for regulating their own and that the state bar associations have become attorney protection agencies from crimes committed even against the government and foreign nations.  All it takes is a lot of conflicts and positioning and we hear briefcases are running short in Florida and New York. 

Finally, when we asked for clarification of that ruling and other strange and unbelievable rulings, they just blew me and the shareholders off. 

August 25, 2005

It looks like my family is being railroaded out of town and state, without a vehicle now and as we again approach the United States Supreme Court.   The abuse of process just never stops.  This next piece starts about two months ago, we were evicted for no reason, other than exposing a toxic mold issue, but it was the abuse of process in that case that stands out and eventually made the eviction elevate into our Supreme Court filing.  At the time our Supreme Court case was about to be filed, we were evicted and we did not owe a dime, had not violated a single contract clause and where model neighbors to the neighborhood.  Yet, again, a group of lawyers began a series of proceedings, without basis or cause, to attempt to throw us out onto the street right on our way to the Supreme Court.  When the eviction finally got to court, the lawyers withdrew their action as it had no basis and the judge was presented with evidence of document fraud (See Eviction Case).  This left us still living in dangerous conditions and with mold problems that have caused serious health problems including the baby coughing uncontrollably until throwing up and coughing blood up.  Very hard to watch.  Why do we not move and this brings up those painful family situations that have stemmed from all of this.  They have ruined every single object in our home and in two large storage units, they have tried to cover it up and then admitted to the problems after the state health department and power companies were called in.

Leviticus 14:45

A house desecrated by mildew, mold, or fungus would be a defiled place to live in, so drastic measures had to be taken.

Leviticus 13:47-50

If any clothing is contaminated with mildew---any woolen or linen clothing, any woven or knitted material of linen or wool, any leather or anything made of leather---if the contamination in the clothing or leather, or woven or knitted material, or any leather article, is greenish or reddish, it is a spreading mildew and must be shown to the priest. The priest is to examine the mildew and isolate the affected article for seven days.

Leviticus, Chapter 14: 39 - 47

"On the seventh day the priest shall return to inspect the house. If the mildew has spread on the walls, he is to order that the contaminated stones be torn out and thrown into an unclean place outside the town. If the mildew reappears in the house after the stones have been torn out and the house is scraped and plastered, it is a destructive mildew and the house is unclean. It must be torn down - its stones, timbers and all the plaster - and taken out of town."

The Supreme Court sent the filing back because we asked for too many relief's and we had 60 days to re-file.  All we have to do is cross off the other relief's on the Petition for Certiorari and send it back.  So it is the 30th day and the landlord without fixing the mold problems again attempts to evict without remuneration for the damages caused to our property and health.  The real problem is that due to covering up the problem for so long and falsifying work orders to hide it, the mold has cross contaminated several units and has spread throughout the air ducts of the entire home.  In fact, immediately after an engineer was brought in to evaluate if the mold had spread and where he claimed it was safe and had not spread, it had.  Our neighbor informs us that mold has been found in her closets and we likewise looked in ours and found one completely infested in mold, mold that had traveled through the walls even, to where the engineer said he checked and it had not spread.  Since the mold was initially found in the HVAC unit and closet, according to the EPA it has probably contaminated the whole building since there now is evidence of spreading throughout the walls and common HVAC ducts.  Yet, knowing this and knowing that the problem still exists and infants, kids and adults are getting very sick in the building, they are going to try and high hand an eviction.    

We have tried to talk to former and new management and it has always from minute get go been talk with our lawyers.  Our lawyers won't let us talk with you, our lawyers, our lawyers.  Where their lawyers have been found submitting fraudulent papers to the courts and filing abusive and retaliatory evictions to harass and attempt to harangue us to leave.  Every time it is go to court for trial, they just always seem to run away at the last moment or buy off justice to hide the facts but we fear not that either.  All ying has yang.

Again, if you take our point of view, the disabling of our vehicle immediately prior to legal actions twice now on the way to press our claims at the United States Supreme Court, the robbery of the vehicle, the blowing up of the vehicle, the 3rd straight eviction based on baseless claims, over five home break-ins, wiring devices found in the home, theft of funds, theft of patents, federal investigations, suspended patents pending federal investigations into charges of fraud against the United States; makes you wonder if the enemy is not strategically targeting us and funding certain of the actions against us.  Yes, you do not  always see these attorneys clearly as they hide behind their legal actions, but yet in every instance things happen without reason, there seems to be lawyers involved.  We have moved since invention in 1998 six times (twice across country) and it has been hell on the family and kids.  Oh yeah, the first time we moved, we were living nice on Mizner Park in Boca when Butley came to California unexpectedly after being caught with the second set of patents and patents in his name.  He threatened me that if I did not shut up and told anyone about what we had found that he and Wheeler and Dick would tear down the companies brick by brick and that I should watch my back upon return to Boca.  Problem -- I had already begun notifying certain parties.  From living it nice on Mizner Park, to living on food stamps and welfare.

Well, it was around New Year 2001 after consulting with several members of the Board (Buchsbaum, Kane, Powell, Epstein and others) it was decided that not only I should not return to Boca but that I should get my family out of Boca.   That the threat of Utley was both very real and made in such manner as to include some very powerful law firms joining in actions against the company and myself, that extreme measure for safety had to be taken.  I then called some friends and asked if the family could move in.  I then called my wife and she packed and fled with the kids.  The plan was to let Crossbow and Kane dismiss Utley and Wheeler and Dick, etc. then to move the entire office from Boca to California.  The story gets very involved from here and can be found in Appendix C of the Supreme Court section of the site.

They have destroyed our companies, destroyed our patents and have gotten caught.  Now they try and destroy us more to cover this up.  They will soon learn that like checkmate this game is over, they have no moves left, they are bumping into dead end attempts and in their desperation who knows how much danger lurks for the family. 

Again, so that you may know and that they may hear, we are not afraid, we do not negotiate with terrorists of evil causes, nor are we intimated by them, we strive to rid them from this earth!

Family and Friends Photo Gallery - again, just for fun.  You may send photo's to iviewit@iviewit.tv to add and just as soon as we get a second we will take some more with all of our friends.

and that's the story of the inventions, the inventors, the bad guys and the good guys - the whole truth!

And to those who stand against me in pursuit of evil deeds:

Temptation comes from evil desire within, not from G0d. It begins with an evil thought. It becomes sin when we dwell on a thought and allow it to become an action. Like a snowball rolling downhill, sin's destruction grows the more we let sin have its way. The best time to stop a snowball is before it is too big, or moving too fast to control.

Satan used a sincere motive to tempt Eve- "You will become like G0d!" To become more like G0d is the highest goal of humanity. It is what we are supposed to do. But Satan misled Eve on the right way to accomplish this goal. He told her that you become more like G0d by defying G0d's authority, by taking G0d's place and deciding for yourself what is best for your life. You become your own "G0d."

Satan tried to show Eve that sin is "lovely". A knowledge of both good and evil seemed desirable and harmless to Eve. People usually choose wrong things because they have become convinced that those things are good, at least for themselves. Our sins do not always appear ugly to us, and the "lovely" sins are the hardest to avoid. So prepare yourself for the attractive temptations that may come your way.

It's easy to blame others and make excuses for evil thoughts and wrong actions. Excuses include (1) it's the other person's fault; (2) I couldn't help it; (3) everybody's doing it; (4) it was just a mistake; (5) nobody's perfect; (6) the devil made me do it; (7) I was pressured into it; (8) I didn't know it was wrong.

In Matthew 25:41, Jesus says, "Then I will turn to those on my left and say, 'Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons'."

And for those who stand with me to battle good versus evil as human angels of good -- the fight is not over


  1. Preliminary considerations.
    1. That there is an order of beings quite distinct from humanity and from the G0dhead, who occupy an exalted state, is the teaching of much of Scripture.
      1. They are referred to at least 108X in the Old Testament and 165X in the New Testament.
      2. It is from this body of Scripture that we construct the Doctrine of Angels.
    2. The designation "angel", whether %a'l.m; (mal-ak) of the Old Testament, or a;ggeloj (aggelos) of the New Testament, means "messenger".
      1. The holy angels carry out the purpose of the One they serve.
      2. The fallen angels are messengers of Satan whom they have chosen to serve.
    3. Angels as created beings more closely resemble G0d in their make up than man. Angels combine the material with the immaterial.
      1. Angels are thus designated "spirits".
      2. These generally unseen creatures not only observe the activities of men, but the good angels minister to man (Heb.1:14).
      3. The evil angels wage war against man (Eph.6:12).
  2. The creation of angels.
    1. The Son of G0d, the Father's agent in creation, created the angels (Col.1:16,17; Neh.9:6; Ps.148:2,5).
      1. All angels were created simultaneously in eternity past.
      2. None will be added to their number.
      3. They do not procreate and are not subject to death (Mt.22:28-30).
    2. The angels were created before the universe. They were worshipping spectators when the world was founded (Job.38:4-7).
    3. As to the number of the angels, it is unstated, but it is a multitude (Heb.12:22; 1Kgs.22:19; Ps.68:17; Dan.7:10; Rev.5:11).
  3. The nature of angels.
    1. They are incorporeal beings (i.e., having no material body; Ps.104:4 "He makes the winds His messengers"; Eph.6:12).
    2. However, they can reveal themselves in bodily form (Gen.18-219; Mt.1:20; Jn.20:12; Heb.13:2).
    3. They are greater than man in knowledge, but are not omniscient (2Sam.14:20; Mt.24:36; 1Pet.1:12).
    4. They are stronger than man, but are not omnipotent (Ps.103:20; 2Pet.2:11; 2Thess.1:7).
    5. Angels possess volition, as seen in the fall of Satan.
  4. The fall of angels.
    1. The fact of their fall.
      1. Angels were all created perfect and sinless, as the case with Satan makes apparent (Ezek.28:15).
      2. Satan's fall is described in Ezek.28:15-17 (cp. Isa.14:12).
      3. Satan took with him one-third of all angels (Rev.12:4).
      4. Scripture represents some of the angels as evil (Mt.25:41).
    2. The time of their fall was before man's creation and sometime after original creation. Gen.1:2 speaks of the pre-restoration chaos of planet earth, and Gen.3 speaks of man's temptation and fall under Satan.
    3. The cause of their fall.
      1. Angels, being created perfect but with volition, individually chose to follow Satan's lead and revolt against G0d (Ezek.28:15-17; Rev.12:4).
      2. G0d is not the cause of their fall, as that would make Him the author of evil in the universe (Jam.1:13; 1Jn.1:5).
      3. G0d created the angels with volition knowing some would fall and bring evil into the universe, but G0d is not responsible for their sin (note the five "I will's" of Satan in Isa.14:13,14).
    4. The result of their fall.
      1. They lost their original holiness and became corrupt in nature and conduct (Mt.10:1; Eph.6:11,12).
      2. They were sentenced to hell but were not immediately sent there (Mt.25:41; cp. Rev.20:10).
      3. They were left free to engage in opposition to:
        1. G0d (Isa.14:12-14).
        2. The work of the good angels (Dan.10:12,13,20,21; Jd.9).
        3. The people of G0d (1Chr.21:1; 1Pet.5:8; Eph.6:11; 2Tim.2:26).
        4. The nations (Isa.14:12).
        5. The unbeliever (Lk.8:12; 2Cor.4:3,4).
      4. Satan, through the serpent in Eden, caused Adam's fall and has the power over death to mankind (Gen.3; Heb.2:14; 1Jn.3:8).
      5. Satan and his angels continue to have an audience in heaven, during which they malign believers (Zech.3:1; Lk.22:31; Rev.12:10). Satan insinuated that G0d hired men like Job to love Him by making them rich (Job.1:6-12).
      6. In the Tribulation they will be cast to the earth (Rev.12:8,9). Following their judgment by believers (1Cor.6:3), they will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev.20:10).
  5. Classification of the angels.
    1. The good angels, called "elect" and "holy", are classified as (1Tim.5:21; Mk.8:38):
      1. Angels, of which there are gradations, as indicated by Col.1:16.
      2. Cherubim (meaning uncertain), which are angels chosen by G0d to guard and cover as seen in:
        1. Lucifer's pre-fall ministry as the cherub that covers (Ezek.28:14).
        2. The two cherubs sent to guard the entrance to Eden (Gen.3:24).
        3. The two cherubs on the top of the Ark of the Covenant in the tabernacle and temple, symbolizing support for G0d's throne.
        4. Seraphim, mentioned by name only in Isa.6:2,6 and stand above G0d and lead heaven in the worship of G0d.
        5. The "living creatures" of Rev.4 and 5 share aspects of both the cherubim of Ezek.1,10 and the seraphim of Isa.6.
    2. The evil angels are called "unclean" (Rev.16:13) and "evil" (Lk.8:2), and are classified as:
      1. The angels who are kept in prison for their role in the Gen.6 infiltration, mentioned in 2Pet.2:4 and Jd.6, and are the same as those released to torment men in the Tribulation for five months (Rev.9:1-11).
      2. The angels who remain free, usually mentioned in connection with Satan (Mt.25:41; Rev.12:7-9; cp. Rom.8:38).
      3. The demons, a term used to describe all fallen angels (including Satan) and means a "lesser G0d" (Mt.12:24-28; 17:18; 1Cor.10:20,21; 1Tim.4:1; Jam.2:19; Rev.9:20; 18:2; Mk.1:32).
      4. Having different ranks and functions under Satan (Eph.6:12).
    3. Some individually named angels include:
      1. Lucifer, son of the morning (pre-fall title), known as:
        1. Satan (adversary; 1Chr.21:1; Job.1:6; 2:1; Ps.109:6; Zech.3:1,2; Mt.4:10, et al.).
        2. The devil (slanderer or accuser; Mt.4:1).
        3. Serpent (which implies his guile; Rev.12:9).
        4. Dragon (which implies his power).
        5. Apollyon (meaning "destroyer"; Rev.9:11).
        6. The prince of this world.
        7. The prince of the power of the air.
        8. The G0d of this world.
        9. Beelzebub (which implies that he is prince of the demons; Mt.12:24).
        10. the evil one (Jn.17:15; 2.Thess.3:3; 1Jn.5:19).
        11. the tempter (1Thess.3:5).
      2. Michael (meaning "who is like G0d?") is given the title archangel (Jd.9), and is seen as Israel's protector (Dan.10:11,21). He disputed with Satan over Moses' body and, with his angels, engages Satan and his angels midway through the Tribulation in a great "star wars", forcing Satan out of the heavens (Rev.12:7-12).
      3. Gabriel (meaning "the mighty one") is always seen in the Bible as a messenger or revealer of G0d's purposes, as to Daniel (Dan.8:15-27; cp. 9:20-27) and to Zacharias and to the virgin Mary (Lk.1:26-3).
    4. Some other occurrences.
      1. Angels of judgment (Gen.19:13; 2Sam.24:16; 2Kgs.19:35; Ps.78:49; Act.12:23).
      2. Watchers (Dan.4:13,23).
      3. Angel over fire (Rev.14:18).
      4. Angel over waters (Rev.16:5).
      5. Seven angels of the apocalypse (Rev.8:2).
      6. Sons of the Most High (Ps.82:6); sons of G0d (in the OT only; Gen.6:24; Job.1:6; 38:7.
      7. G0ds (elohim; Ps.82:1 rulers; Ps.82:6 G0ds; Heb.2:7 elect angels).
  6. The ministry of the elect angels.
    1. They continually, night and day, offer praise and worship G0d in heaven (Isa.6:3; Ps.148:1,2; Rev.4:8; 5:11).
    2. They protect and deliver G0d's people (Heb.1:14; Dan.6:22; Ps.91:11; Gen.19:11; Act.12:11; Mt.18:10).
    3. They guide and encourage believers (Mt.28:5-7; Act.8:26; 27:23,24).
    4. They interpret G0d's Word to men (no longer an issue with the closing of the canon; Dan.7:16; 10:5,11; Zech.1:9,19; 4:1,5; 5:5-11; 6:4,5; the teaching angel of Revelation, Rev.1:1; 17:7; 22:16).
    5. Angels mediated the Law to Moses (Act.7:53; Gal.3:19).
    6. Angels carry the saved home when they die (Lk.16:22).
    7. They execute judgment on individuals and societies (Act.12:23; Gen.19:12,13; Ezek.9:1,5,7; note the active role they play in the judgments of the Tribulation, Rev.16).
    8. Angels were active in the life and ministry of Jesus.
      1. Angels informed Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds of Christ's birth (Lk.1:26-38; Mt.1:20: Lk.2:8-15).
      2. Angels ministered to Christ after His temptation (Mt.4:11).
      3. An angel strengthened Him in Gethsemane (Lk.22:43).
      4. Angels were poised to deliver Him from His enemies (Mt.26:53).
      5. An angel rolled the stone from the empty tomb (Mt.28:2-7).
      6. Angels ascended with Him into heaven (Act.1:11).
    9. Angels as spectators.
      1. They rejoice when even one sinner is saved (Lk.15:10).
      2. They actually learn Bible Doctrine from the local church, taking a keen interest in our assembly (Eph.3:10; 1Pet.1:12).
      3. They observe all the affairs of men, and are pleased or offended, as the passage on hair suggests (1Cor.11:10).
      4. They took great interest in the incarnation (1Tim.3:16).
    10. Angels have future ministries.
      1. They will make important announcements during the Tribulation (Rev.14:6-11; 18:2,21).
      2. They will protect (seal) G0d's servants and carry out the prescribed judgments of that time (Rev.7:1-3; 8:2-13; 9:1,2,13; 12:7-9; 14:14-16; 15:1;16).
      3. They will be associated with the Second Advent (Mt.13:37-39,49,50; 2Thess.1:7; Heb.1:6; Dan.7:9,10).
      4. They will stand before the gates of the New Jerusalem as a kind of honorary body of sentinels, as if to guarantee that nothing that is unclean will ever enter that city (Rev.21:12).
  7. The relationship of men and angels.
    1. Angels were created superior to man in both position and inherent qualities (Ps.8:4,5; Heb.2:6,7).
    2. Christ was made lower than angels for a little while by assuming a human form so as to redeem fallen man (Heb.2:5-13).
    3. The very fact that He did not partake of the nature of angels (becoming a "G0d-Angel"), but did partake of human nature (becoming G0d-Man), has led the author of Hebrews to conclude that salvation was not provided for fallen angels, but only for man (Heb.2:15-18). Put another way, if He had to partake of humanity to be a high priest to man, would He not have had to partake of angelic nature to do likewise for angels?
    4. Furthermore, we are not to worship angels (Col.2:18; Rev.22:8,9), but to view them as our servants (Heb.1:14).
    5. Our final position will constitute us superior to angels in every way, for as He is so shall we be (Heb.1,2; Phil.3:21). At present, we are positionally superior to angels, being His Body and Bride.

Ps.103:20 "Bless the Lord, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, Obeying the voice of His word!"

Ps.104:4 "He makes the winds His messengers, Flaming fire His ministers."

Heb.1:6 "And when He again brings the first born into the world, He says, 'and let all the Angels of G0d worship Him.'"

Heb.1:14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation