Proskauer Rose LLP

Kenneth Rubenstein – Partner IP


Alleged Activities

Pending Actions


Fraud Upon The United States Patent & Trademark Office
Fraud Upon The United States Copyright Office
Fraud Upon The Small Business Administration

Patent, Trade Secret, Trademark & Copyright Fraud

•Directs Frauds: United States Patent and Trademark; Small Business Administration, European Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, U.S. Postal Fraud, Wire Fraud, Wachovia Securities Fraud; Iviewit Shareholder Fraud; Iviewit Investor Fraud (See Shareholder Table), Contributory Antitrust Violations
•Tortuous Interference with Business Contracts
•Conflicts of Interest – Violations of attorney conduct state of New York and Patent Office
•False and Misleading Information to Florida State Court and N.Y. Bar Association
•Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility Advisory Board Director Iviewit
•Breach of Attorney Client Privileges



INVESTIGATION -The United States Patent & Trademark Office

INVESTIGATION - The United States Patent & Trademark Office Office of Enrollment & Discipline

FBI Written Statement/Interview

•Boca Police Written Statement/Interview
•New York Bar Complaint
•Written Statement to Department of Justice, Antitrust Division
•Written Statement to NY County District Attorney
•Written Statement to NY State Attorney General
•Written Statement to Office of Enrollment & Discipline – USPTO
•Written Statement to EPO and JPO


Rubenstein’s Conflict of Interests

•MPEGLA – PR client with Rubenstein patent evaluator

•DVD Patent Pool - PR client with Rubenstein patent evaluator – See Deposition and Rubenstein response to NY Bar

•Proskauer Rose clients

•Investors relied on him

•Private Placement documents edited, reviewed and disseminated by PR contain Rubenstein as Advisory Board Member to Iviewit

Shareholder of Iviewit Founding Stock


Rubenstein’s Patent Misappropriations

•Iviewit Documents showing Rubenstein handling patents, directing patents, maintaining original patent documents, billing records containing Rubenstein entries

•Business plans disseminated by Proskauer Rose showing Rubenstein as Advisory Board member.

•Utley Document pointing to Rubenstein as Advisor to Board

•Witness Statements – Rubenstein was critical to investment in Iviewit

•Show document flow through PR and that Wheeler states that he kept original patent documents.  Joao is directed by Rubenstein in patent filings

•Missing copyrights of sites and source code, billed for by PR

•Wheeler letter to investors regarding Proskauer Rose review of technologies

•Hassan regarding Rubenstein

•Proskauer Wheeler letter relating to patent services

•Rubenstein whereabouts unknown immediately after learning of Iviewit moves from MLGS to PR, letter to Wheeler, who is Rubenstein

•Directs Raymond Joao who he claims is coming to PR with him from MLGS and Joao’s statement to Bar contradict this.  Factually, after meeting with Iviewit, PR buys MLGS entire patent department which specializes in Iviewit niche

•Rubenstein as advisor to MPEG – COI that is never disclosed since we think he is our counsel, he repeatedly states with Wheeler that the patent pools will soon pay royalties on the Iviewit techs

Tortuous Interference with Business Contracts