Our website is back after much hacking and attempts to keep it down and we are currently updating it with information pertaining to the thefts of the companies intellectual property by our patent attorneys and the hosts of other crimes committed in the attempt to cover it up through abuse of public offices.  Abuses elevating to state supreme court public offices of The Florida Bar and Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division First & Second Department Disciplinary Committees.  To evade prosecution partners were planted in conflict to handle complaints in conflict while holding public office and stymie the company's efforts.  The same attorneys remain under federal investigations by the patent office and other regulatory bodies and where such investigations have caused the Commissioner of Patents to suspend the Iviewit patent applications, pending charges of fraud on the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as, fraud upon the Iviewit shareholders. 

Investigations are underway into the stolen investment funds of the company including monies from the federally backed Small Business Administration.  Iviewit has spent several years building its case against our former attorneys, accountants and management and would have had far more success if conflicts of interests, abuses of public offices and other nefarious crimes to cover up and deny due process had not interfered with the company complaints to authorities.  In not one, but two states, Supreme Court agencies have been penetrated by Proskauer partners acting in violation of office positions to block complaints against them and their partners.  As the case elevated to the United States Supreme Court for review of the Florida case for violation of public offices by Christopher Wheeler and Matthew Triggs, the Supreme Court would not review the case.  The Florida Supreme Court and then the United States Supreme Court by failing to review the matters, precluded Iviewit shareholders from filing complaints against the attorney's caught in verified conflicts of interest and abuse of public office.  Thus, the state and United States Supreme Court's by denying Iviewit to file complaints, as provided for in the Florida and United States constitution's has denied shareholders the right to file complaints against public officers and attorney's Wheeler and Matthew Triggs for their violations of Florida Supreme Court public offices.  Turning the courts into an attorney protection agency along with the state bar associations, these institutions appear to fail constitutional mandates that allow citizens to complain against public officers caught violating office.  Our rights denied, it is feeling a bit Russian here and this is leading to more than just patent theft from the shareholders but now a denial of due process that may soon elevate into Patentgate.

Iviewit is an Intellectual Property (IP) asset management company focused on the development and extension of its "critical path" imaging & video processes into the marketplace.  Currently the companies patent portfolio is partially suspended (USPTO SUSPENSION LETTER) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Commissioner, pending investigation of charges of (FILING OF CHARGES OF FRAUD UPON THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE CHARGES FILED BY IVIEWIT AND CROSSBOW VENTURES).  Where the filings claim that Iviewit former patent counsel and others have committed fraud not only against the Iviewit shareholders but fraud upon the USPTO directly in filing fraudulent and false statements of oaths on patent applications.  Additionally there are other crimes to attempt to steal such inventions, inventions that have been heralded by leading experts as the Holy Grail inventions of our times.  The charges were filed by Iviewit and it's largest investor, Crossbow Ventures of West Palm Beach, FL, after information from the Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED) for the USPTO, Harry I. Moatz (Moatz) showed that foul play appears to have taken place in the filings by the attorneys.  Subsequently the attorneys and firms involved, including (Proskauer Rose LLP, Foley and Lardner, Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe and Schlissel, Blakely Sokoloff Zafman and Taylor, Kenneth Rubenstein, Raymond Joao, William Dick, Steven Becker, Christopher Wheeler and Douglas Boehm) are under investigation by Moatz and the USPTO for such crimes.  Crossbow Ventures monies invested were also two-thirds funded by the federally backed Small Business Administration (SBA) where the SBA is in fact the largest shareholder in the iviewit intellectual properties.  The SBA is the most financially damaged shareholder by their crimes.  Where the SBA Inspector General's Offices has begun to audit the trail of their monies and where their investment in the patents went.

All Iviewit shareholders should be aware that the companies board closed the company with no notice to shareholders that they were disbanding the corporate entities.  This appears to violate laws in Deleware and Florida.  These crimes and many other has been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where Special Agent Stephen Luchessi has taken these matters to the United States Attorney approximately one year ago.  We have asked for filing under RICO with the FBI as these crimes involved a number of law firms and others, acting in concert to and violating enough of laws that qualify for RICO status.  We suggest that you write to your congressional leaders regarding your stock, how to report it and what actions are being taken to direct the patents and stock back into your names.  Already, as most shareholders are aware the stocks maybe worth several thousand times their original value.  Please contact the company if you would like to know the current status of investigations and whom to write in your state.  The Company has filed for Congressional help with The Honorable United States Senator Dianne Feinstein of California.

Below are some of the shareholder questions directed to former counsel and accountants which remain unanswered.  These folks were not only advisors they were shareholders and board members.  The failure to answer the questions and provide the Company with our corporate files and documents also appears to have criminal elements, all have been reported to the proper authorities on behalf of the shareholders.




(where inquiring shareholders want to know the answer to these and other questions and if these matters have been reported to Proskauer's and all others liability carriers.  Senior Partners of the firms fail to call Iviewit back to answer the questions to shareholder.  Lewin and Proskauer refuses to turn over the entirety of the accounting and corporate records?)

    Iviewit has also discovered a multi-layered scheme and artifice to defraud shareholders via a complex corporate shell game whereby two sets of identical companies were formed and two sets of patents were filed.  Whereby one set of patents was bogus and put into the companies owned by the shareholders and the other set of patents containing the core inventions was put into companies dubiously formed with identical names to the shareholder companies.  The ownership of the shadow companies appears none other than the law firm of Proskauer Rose LLP and other unknowns at this time.  Shareholders were notified of the crimes in a shareholder communication dated April 2004 identifying much of the information discovered relating to the crimes, (SHAREHOLDER LETTER IDENTIFYING CRIMES AND GUILTY PARTIES - 3meg file, patience is mandatory).  The crimes have been reported to Federal, State and International authorities and ongoing investigations into the crimes are underway, whereby including but not limited to: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the USPTO OED which regulates licensed patent attorneys, the Inspector Generals Office of the Federally Backed Small Business Administration, the Boca Raton Florida PD in conjunction with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Florida Department of Professional Regulation, the AICPA, the European Patent Office (EPO) and its attorney regulatory body the Institute of Professional Representatives Before the European Patent Office (IPR).  Additionally, to no avail due to conflicts of interest, violations of public office and a denial of due process that precludes even filing complaints against them, the complaints none-the-less were filed with the state bar associations of New York, Florida and Virginia.  All been apprised of the criminal activities that have taken place, all have failed to investigate our allegations and New York and Florida bar and state Supreme Court agency members have been caught in conflict handling the complaints.  The company has compiled a list of crimes that have been filed with federal, state and international authorities showing the vast number of crimes that have been committed in the theft of the Iviewit intellectual properties.  Where such crimes include not only fraud against the Iviewit shareholders and inventors but fraud upon federal, state and international agencies, including but not limited to: the United States Patent & Trademark Office, the United States Copyright Office, the Federal Bankruptcy court, the Florida and Delaware State Departments, the Florida and New York Supreme Courts, the Federally backed Small Business Administration, a civil court in Florida, the European Patent Office (and the thirty or so representative countries that comprise such EPO) and the Japanese Patent Office. 

Check out the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division: First Department court orders for investigation of the former President of the New York State Bar Association Steven C. Krane by clicking on his picture for the document.  This is the price of gluttony and greed and why the almighty one has deemed such a sin.  Krane, who is the epitome of ethics has lost his way and acted in conflict of interest and abuse of public office with both the First Department Disciplinary Committee and the New York State Bar Association in representing his partners while maintaining conflicting public office positions in the New York Supreme Courts and NYSBA.  Although his investigation has been temporarily de-railed, it will one day be completed as a formal investigation.  Yet, while Krane clerked for Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals, Judith Kaye, who by the by, is married to a Proskauer partner, Stephen Kaye, who is one of the accused Proskauer partners in the Intellectual Property Department (formed after learning of the Iviewit inventions), it looks like such forces are blocking the court ordered investigation through yet another series of conflicts and abuses in the investigating department.  Where it appears that Proskauer has positioned deep within the ethics departments and courts to block due process and stave off the inevitable.  Yet, as you read on, even these  further desperate attempts to block prosecution have uncovered further conflicts which have only caused more people to become ensnared in the web of crimes and further complaints to be filed.  Where those complaints in some instances have been refused to file and docket by members of the departments acting to block complaints against themselves inapposite of the laws of those states.  Can you imagine, complaints filed against public officers where such officers than deny the complaints with out formal procedure, sounds like the old communist regime where citizens where unable to complain about their elected officials.  It does not sound like the good old USofA where we have a constitutional right to complain against our elected officials when they are found guilty of abuse of public office and as citizens we have an obligation to our country to file such charges.  Yet, the onion is peeling and desperate times call for desperate measures. 

And all the kings lawyers,
And all the kings men,
Couldn't put Proskauer Rose back together again.

    Where once caught stealing the patents, Proskauer has gone through elaborate steps to obstruct justice and deny due process of complaints against them.  Through abuses of public office positions and a series of diabolical conflicts of interests at Supreme Court bar associations and in a civil court in Florida, where initial complaints were filed, including a counter complaint.  The counter complaint was denied to be allowed and in this civil billing case Proskauer won through a default judgment after the judge dismissed two sets of Iviewit counsel and granted Proskauer a victory for Iviewit's failure to retain replacement counsel.  This case will be appealed pending information from the investigations, because as it turns out, Iviewit defended companies it did not own, as Proskauer appears to have sued the companies they fraudulently set up to own the stolen patents.  That once caught stealing the patents, Proskauer made a desperate attempt to rid the shell companies that they had put the stolen IP into and gain control of the assets through a lawsuit claiming monies owed, while their management referrals tried and involuntary bankruptcy claiming monies owed.  In fact, the company was not even aware that Proskauer and their management had taken such actions.  The company was notified by members of AOLTW/WB while seeking a twenty five million dollar raise that such legal actions were found while doing their due-diligence but the company was never made aware they were even lawsuits or bankruptcy, as these were for companies named similar and identical to the shareholder companies but not owned by the shareholders.  Upon learning of the legal actions and involuntary bankruptcy the company through a friend and hero (and you will learn of many who have helped carry the torch this far through personal sacrifice and risk), Caroline Prochotska Rogers, Esq. fired the counsel we were unaware we had and filed the counter complaint in the civil case and filed in the bankruptcy.  We retained new counsel, Steven Selz, Esq., Greenberg Traurig, and others to begin to peel the onion and file back but Judge Jorge Labarga would not allow us to present our case and through denying due process and procedure threw the case.  All prior counsel was fired that had been prior representing the companies without authorization and this new team took over the cases.  At the time, it was not known that two sets of identical companies had been set up and that the companies we were now defending were not owned by the shareholders but by the companies lawyers.  Therefore, Iviewit at the time thought that it was representing companies that its shareholders owned.  It was not until the USPTO found that certain patents listed by the attorneys as assets of the Iviewit companies, where not in fact owned or assigned to the parties the attorneys listed on the IP dockets, (USPTO LETTER SHOWING THAT CERTAIN IP ASSETS THOUGHT TO BE IVIEWIT ASSETS ARE OTHERS) that evidence of the multi-layered corporate and patent shell scheme began to surface.  Identically named companies, as illustrated in the Company History section, were formed to transfer stolen IP in the wrong inventors names and with no assignment or ownership to shareholders; fascinating, like a shell game of hide the real patents. Upon attempting to ascertain why the patents were all wrong in inventors, assignees, owners and content, it was learned that dual named corporations were set up and again the information has been forwarded to state and federal authorities and the company is awaiting the outcome of these investigations.

Federal and international authorities have been notified that the organization MPEGLA LLC and other patent pools now controlled by our former Proskauer patent attorneys are acting as anti-competitive and monopolistic criminal enterprises to further aid in the theft and proliferation of the Iviewit inventions through a tying and bundling scheme.  This scheme denies paying royalties to the Iviewit Shareholders including the SBA.  Why, you may ask, is Proskauer Rose, LLP a former real estate firm since the 1800's, suddenly controlling patent pools that directly infringe upon the Iviewit inventions, after Proskauer learned of the inventions directly from the inventors?  In fact, Proskauer attorney Kenneth Rubenstein, a member of the Advisory Board for Iviewit and lead patent counsel to MPEGLA LLC, is now trying to claim that he never heard of Iviewit under deposition (Rubenstein Deposition) and sworn statements to a civil court.  Where evidence shows Rubenstein's direct involvement, Rubenstein is found to be a BIG FAT LIAR (Click Ken's picture for his Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division: First Department court ordered investigation by ruling of five Justices).  Evidence such as his name in the Iviewit billings and letters from executives of AOLTW/WB showing that he opined favorably on the patents to induce investment from them, contradicts his perjured deposition.  Evidence like his name as an Advisory Board Member in a Wachovia Private Placement Memorandum, co-authored, disseminated and billed for by his firm Proskauer and hosts of other evidence clearly showing his knowledge and involvement.  When confronted under deposition with such evidence, Rubenstein refused to answer direct deposition questions (at his civil billing case) and left his deposition stating that we would have to have the court order him back to answer questions that directly affect the shareholders.  The court did order him back to the answer the questions but before he could be re-deposed the civil case trial was thwarted by the judge.  Iviewit after being released of retained counsel by the judge never got the opportunity.  Kenneth Rubenstein who swears under deposition, under sworn statements to the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division: First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee and in a written statement to Judge Jorge Labarga of the civil court in Florida to have never heard of Iviewit, the Iviewit inventions or inventors; cannot be the same Kenneth Rubenstein opining favorably on the Iviewit patents to AOLTW/WB (click here for AOLTW/WB letter dusting Rubenstein's statements and exposing him for perjury).

Of course in good time we will get to Rubenstein's lackey, attorney Raymond Anthony Joao, who was a patent attorney working under Rubenstein's direction.  Joao now claims 90 patents in his own name and Iviewit gives him kudos as the greatest slime ball inventor and patent attorney. No really, Iviewit considers our former counselors Joao and Rubenstein to be nothing more than co-inventors of a system and method to defraud shareholders and inventors of their inventions and commit fraud upon worldwide patent intellectual property organizations, an invention that should carry some stiff federal sentences.  Click here for a press article on the amazing inventiveness of Joao .  Joao was so non-inventive that many of these patents resemble ideas and concepts lifted straight from the Iviewit business plan and invention disclosures and ideas that he was supposed to be patenting for the inventors and shareholders.

Much time was wasted causing losses of investors and inventors rights to the Intellectual Properties, perhaps permanently, by the railroading of complaints filed against the attorneys involved in thefts.  Where Proskauer partners were found violating state Supreme Court public office positions and representing their partners while holding public offices that directly prohibited their representations under conflict laws and other state laws in complaints filed against them.  How they have staved off prosecution of confirmed conflicts of interest and Supreme Court of New York court ordered investigations, is just more abuse of public offices and further denial of due process through manipulation of the laws they are supposed to be upholding, but fascinating nonetheless.  How high to the crimes elevate, how much more can shareholders be denied of due process is a question of who exactly is spearheading the efforts to continue this hoax on shareholders.  If in fact, denials of due process are found in Justice or the Courts further, it would appear that after Inspector General reports and Department of Commerce investigations that perhaps only a President could be capable of placing people in these roles to block our efforts.  If this is found to be the case shareholder claims will have to elevate to a complaint against the administration and those involved in the crimes or cover up of the crimes, to be appropriately titled Patentgate.

    The state bars in New York and Florida investigations where thwarted by a series of conflicts of interests and improprieties.  Proskauer attorneys violated public office positions in those states to derail investigations.  Uncovered after almost two years, after delay after delay of the investigations was achieved through the conflicts, the Florida case against Wheeler and Triggs has reached the United States Supreme Court in an appeal of the Florida Supreme Courts decision in case SC04-1078 and Case Status. Florida Supreme Court's failure to regulate and discipline attorney's caught in violation of public offices and failure to follow procedures established by the Florida Constitution for dealing with attorney misconduct as regulated by the Florida Bar and over sighted by the Supreme Court of Florida (SCF) is the cause of the case on appeal to the United States Supreme Court, that the Supreme Court of the United States denied to hear, leaving the shareholders with no forum to file complaints against Triggs for his public office violation of a Florida Supreme Court rule?  Perhaps this is why Sandra Day O'Connor upon fleeing the United States Supreme Court with death threats levied against her and Ginsburg, stated this country was in the throws of a dictatorship that should be stopped sooner than later. 

Take a moment to honor the original conspirator, Christopher Clark Wheeler, one of the main suspects and ringleaders of the crime who has subsequently been charged with a Felony Driving Under the Influence Charge with Injury making his credibility as an attorney further mired in crimes.  An arrest warrant was been issued in that matter, click Wheeler's picture on the left for the Delray Beach Police Department  report or this link - Wheeler's arrest report or this one for the PD blotter.  So where his more serious crimes, like fraud on a whole bunch of government agencies and foreign nations now landed Iviewit and its shareholders at the United States Supreme Court to present our case for violations of public office by Wheeler and Triggs, Wheeler going with this further public nuisance crime upon his head.  Wheeler, the main protagonist, the first attorney to revel the inventions and be disclosed the processes, is found recklessly endangering lives, now drunk and a true danger to himself and society.  In addition, the Petition filed by Iviewit contained allegations and evidence that linked the President of the Florida Bar and others to conflicts.  The Florida Supreme Court ordered a response to the Petition by the Florida Bar and what was set forth in response was perhaps the most incompetent legal response (Illiterate Florida Bar Response to Petition) ever by the Florida Bar, authored by Eric Turner - Chief Branch Officer, and Turner completed law school.  Authored with a complaint filed against him, which should have precluded his response in conflict, yet Turner so stressed out writes a letter that is legally and intelligibly incoherent, even addressing the Florida Supreme Court improperly and this is a Chief Counsel of The Florida Bar.  For this letter alone Turner should have been sent back to law school.  Turners response fails to address any of the allegations in the Petition as demanded by the SCF order and instead states that the Florida Bar review work was done well.  The problem, the review was done and included responses tendered by Triggs as attorney for his partner Wheeler, while Triggs was in a confirmed black-out period at the Florida Bar where he was unable to represent any party due to his public office position with the Florida Bar.  Iviewit filed with the SCF a rebuttal identifying the Florida Bar failure to address the questions in the Petition and asking for a default judgment and also due to Turner's response failing to properly identify parties including the SCF, Rebuttal Response.  Further, the exhibits in the illiterate response done by Turner which contain the Florida Bar reviewers (no investigation was undertaken) assessment of the Wheeler complaint, are all invalid, as Wheeler's responses where all tendered by Triggs in conflict but what is interesting to note is how each reviewer attempts to claim that they found no wrong doing or that Proskauer was not patent counsel.  Without any investigation, the Florida Bar is not allowed by their own rules to make any opinions in favor of either party and may only decline to undertake investigation.  Yet, the conflicts, unknown and concealed by Wheeler and Triggs had worked there magic and influenced the Florida Bar to attempt to write exculpatory language on behalf of Proskauer, one wonders what the cost of buying off justice cost.  The Florida Bar acting more as a defacto attorney protection agency versus a consumer organization, where even after being caught in conflicts and violations of public office - attorneys remain not prosecuted and where citizen complaints to The Florida Bar have been denied being filed quite inapposite the intent of the Florida Constitution in creating a bar and inapposite of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.  When citizens are denied the right to complain about elected officials violating clearly established laws inapposite the rules of procedure, it is reminiscent of the former Soviet Union.  Shocking but true, just look up the case and watch it as it now is up for appeal at the United States Supreme Court and there is more corruption following, this time a similar series of conflicts of interest, improprieties and abuses of public office in New York, where court ordered investigations have been derailed and other miscellaneous fodder.

So we begin our dialogue regarding New York by showing that former President of the New York State Bar, Proskauer partner Steven C. Krane, was caught in conflict of interest in violation of his public office positions and where a court of five Justices ordered an immediate investigation (New York Supreme Court Appellate Division: First Department Court Order Investigate Krane) of Krane and had to have the matters moved to a new jurisdiction for investigation.  So how did Krane, Rubenstein and Joao avoid court ordered investigation, stay tuned as more information regarding how to derail and deny due process continues, where the answer will assimilated and uploaded shortly.

    OK - now if you have all week and are a speed reader, here are some of the Iviewit rebuttals to the responses these guys attempted at the state bars and they are chalk full of evidence and exhibits of all kinds of cool crimes and you will scratch your head again and again as you wonder how they got out of this, until it dawns on you that Proskauer partners in conflict handled the complaint processes against themselves and positioned and politicked like their lives depended on it to stop due process through conflict and abuse of public offices.  Proskauer's responses to the bar will start the flow here and where Proskauer's eternal defense for these crimes is stated in their sworn perjured statements to the bar and it is composed of the following arguments:

If these weak arguments do not hold up once a formal and conflict free investigation prevails, its goodbye Proskauer, et. al. to the federal big house, not to be confused with white collar camp, as these are some pretty heavy charges of federal, state and international crimes and again the theft is certainly grand and perhaps the largest ever attempted in history.  As we all know the patents are priceless and being used around the world in almost every home and business that's "connected" and in every form of digital imaging and video.  

So with that ado here are the Proskauer responses to the original complaints and the Iviewit rebuttals.  A word of caution, Wheeler's complaint was filed before Joao and Rubenstein by a stretch and his complaint is contained in exhibit in both the Wheeler and Joao complaints.  Rubenstein and Joao both likewise have the entirety of each others complaints inside their individual complaints and the Wheeler Complaint as well.  This is why the documents appear so voluminous, although they are all about 1000 pages.   We threw William J. Dick of Foley and Lardner's bar complaint in as well, and this is full of evidences of the patent frauds that were discovered post Wheeler, Rubenstein and Joao filings.  It is interesting to see how Iviewit did not know how the scam worked when filing the original complaints and did not know of the fraudulent set of identically named companies or the fraudulent set of patents and when you read more current filings you see how additional evidence continued to surface and put the puzzle together.  Even today, with much evidence still being reviewed it is as if each day new crimes are uncovered and a bit more of the truth is revealed.

Also be weary that the responses done on both Wheeler and Rubenstein were done by Proskauer partners with conflicting public office roles at those departments and the conflicts extend throughout the disciplinary departments to the executive offices of the bars and disciplinary.  Must say Proskauer did do an amicable job of planting and corrupting the process through conflict but how else could they stave off of the evidence presented in the bar rebuttals and civil courts, etc.  Yet, now all prior reviews of the matters are worthless, all letters and correspondences from these departments are worthless and until the Proskauer controls on the New York disciplinary departments and New York courts are removed and then the same done in Florida, Iviewit does not have a snowballs chance in Florida of fair and impartial, conflict free due process in the courts or the attorney disciplinary agencies.  Yet, now that they are caught in the violations of public office positions it is only a matter of time until they will be prosecuted.  The sad thing is that the more the

Wheeler response to The initial small form Florida Bar complaint

Iviewit rebuttal to Wheeler response to The Florida Bar #1

some wheeler perjury to florida bar goes well with dui and somehow evades detection

William J. Dick - foley and lardner - Virginia state bar rebuttal - it is interesting to note that dick in his response to the the vsb sends a portfolio patent docket that the united states patent & trademark office says has some false & misleading information contained in - such as certain patents that the company has no rights, title or interests in.  the vsb refuses phone calls to re-investigate based on this information that has led to uspto and federal investigations of the matters.

in the dick exhibits you will see how iviewit got dicked around as the evidence appears that there are two sets of patents with similar names and different inventors.  iviewit does not attest to these documents as factual representations of the original filings as much document tampering has occurred on the patent documents

matthew triggs - florida bar complaint - florida bar and florida supreme court refuse to docket formally the complaint although it has affirmed violations of triggs public office as a member of the florida bar and conflicting his representation of wheeler.  currently under review at the united states supreme court.

supreme court of florida - iviewit original filing

florida bar response to supreme court order to respond to petition

fails to deal with any substantive issues of the petition and as such stands in default.  they claim to have done a good review to the supreme court and where such review contained conflicted responses from triggs, that would have invalidated the prior reviews.

response is unintelligible and addresses parties incorrectly such as (this court) when more appropriately (this Court) and other such defined term problems.

iviewit rebuttal to florida bar non-response - supreme court of florida

florida bar response - another turner classic

Of interest -- inventor Bernstein has since discovery of the inventions told of how the inventions came to be as coming in dreams as gifts from G0D to help your children save the planet.  This makes the crimes even more insidious, to read of this fascinating truth of how these inventions came to be visit the inventor