"The Iviewit inventions were gifts from G-d to help your children come together as one to fix the earth and her resources we destroy"
Eliot Bernstein - Inventor

Give generously to Him...then because of this the L-rd your G-d will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hands to.  
Deuteronomy 15:10

(biblical insert by Ginger Bread)


Intellectual Property Overview

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I-View-It is a recognized innovator in the video streaming and imaging space, and is currently focusing on three of its core IP assets:

Video scaling processes

A process that utilizes scaled video encodes to produce full-screen representations at an amazing 75% lower bandwidth. This process enables the delivery of distortion-free rich media at full-screen resolution with normal TV-equivalent frame rates at extremely low bandwidths, ideal for mediums such as the Internet. At high bandwidths, the process provides superior processing efficiencies and creates 75% smaller file sizes for download or distribution (i.e. DVD's, HDDVD, VCD's, SVCD's, etc.), an enormous savings over prior compression technologies.

Image scaling processes

 Creates high definition, user controlled "super" zoom and pan capability levels without macro blocking and pixilation. The image scaling process is likely applicable to every known screen used in imaging, making the list of potential applications - and revenue streams - literally endless.

Video and Image Processes combo

Combined I View It imaging and video processes to create a user controlled video or television environment with super zoom and pan applications (currently in advanced stages of R&D) this creates future revenue opportunities.

The Company continues to pursue an aggressive intellectual property strategy. I-View-It has protected its enabling Intellectual Properties by filing US Patent Pending Applications, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Applications, US Provisional Patent Pending Applications, Japanese Applications, Copyrights, Trademarks, TradeSecrets (we think, we are still trying to determine what was filed and what has been stolen). These cover video streaming and imaging processes, covering a wide array of technologies that can be utilized and implemented in a multitude of applications. Below is summary of the key processes of the pending Intellectual Property Pool.

Mathematical Scaling Formula For Encoding & Playback of Video for Streaming and/or Downloading

I-View-It's revolutionary process for video compresses video at an incredible 75% less data than previous technologies by utilizing a scaled encode for large screen playback.

This process yields:

o File size for full screen representation reduced by 75% making high impact full screen video available for download at any bandwidth
o Less processing power required for full screen data by 75%
o Full-screen, full-frame rate video (including high quality stereo) at previously before unthinkable levels 150-300 Kbps
o At lesser 28-56Kbps bandwidths this process provides a markedly improved video quality over prior Internet industry standards
o The process has applications on the higher ends of the encoding and bandwidth spectrums
o As a result of the efficiencies created by the I-View-It scaled video processes on the encoding and decoding systems, these applications may yield efficiencies in High Definition markets.

Mathematical Scaling Formula For Encoding & Viewing Images with Super Smooth Zoom & Pan Capabilities

The I-View-It proprietary imaging system is designed to provide clear, sharp images, which can be zoomed into at great depth, and panned around at the discretion of the viewer, or under program control. The resulting experience is one of full immersion into the image and an ability to view detail at a level previously thought impossible.

This process yields:

o User controlled zoom & pan for screen applications
o Resilient to pixel distortion when magnified over 200x, solving the age old problem of pixelation upon zoom on standard image file formats
o The image scaling process may be applicable to every known screen for imaging
o Allows new user controlled zoom & pan for imaging and video appliances
o Applications include digital cameras, televisions, video cameras, DVD players, scanners, printers & copiers

o Easily integrates into Hardware and Software Applications

Combined I-View-It video and imaging processes to create a user interface allowing camera control and zoomable video streams.

o Allows user to take video feeds and pan & zoom on individual frames or streams.
o Ideal for the security market and sports events
o May apply to all video playback devices
o In R&D

Testing and the enormous proliferation (illegally) of the products to almost every form of digital imaging and digital video application from chips, to boards, to games, to medical devices, to software, to cameras, to video cameras, to cell phones, to pda's and digital television has validated the feasibility of many of these inventions.  Certainly, the extent that those thieves of the Grail have gone to steal the inventions leads one to believe that they are worth everything they have been heralded to be, from the Holy Grail to Digital Electricity to worth about a trillion dollars.  

(a final word on the perhaps the coolest aspect of the technology and a tribute to one of the main inventors who gets no credit -- G-D)

That the main inventor Eliot Bernstein has told each and every person who asked how the inventions came to be that they were the result of endless hard work and sleepless nights and failure after failure by the core inventors and then one night in epiphanies from G-D came the visions, so out of the box the ideas that they could have only come from the greatest creator.  Where Bernstein needed these inventions to create his totally coolest invention the Thought Journal, a superhuman/supercomputer brain, capable of bringing the children together in a mind meld to solve the problems confronting them from our rapid destruction of the earth and her resources and where to achieve this feat he needed low bandwidth killer images, killer video and killer video-conferencing at low bandwidth.  Where the greatest engineers thought it mathematically impossible to achieve such, Bernstein and his group succeeded.  For they were possessed by a need and their prayers were answered.  It should only be fitting that G-D gets credit on the patents (not sure if G-D has ever been listed on a patent) but the royalties generated for that supreme entity could be funneled into a charitable organization called the Thought Journal to build that most important dream for the children.  This is what inventor Bernstein asked his attorneys to do with the inventions and the bulk of the monies and they laughed and thought he was nuts and then schemed.  They did not believe in G-D.  Perhaps now as they are being held accountable for their actions will they find a new respect for their maker.

Each person who has known how these inventions came to be and then attempted to steal these gifts from G-D to help your children, these Holy Grail (as they termed them) inventions; will now pay the price and wrath of G-D for the attempt to steal the Grail and they shall burn infinitely in hell for their crimes.  So horrible are the crimes that to continue and even win would be at the cost of their souls, better they come clean, return the inventions to the proper owners (including the supreme being) and purge their sins from prison whilst they reflect on how much time they have stolen from the children being able to fix the earth.  To continue to attempt to deny due process and justice through manipulations of the law, which by the way many of them are sworn under oath to G-D to uphold, and further try and hide only causes more innocent people to become ensnared in such soulless crimes.  And when defeat is certain, it is only a coward who delays certain death by hiding behind innocents.