Re: “U.S. Department of Justice Claims No Due Process for Self-Represented | Pennsylvania Courtwatch”

This is Bullshit that the DOJ says Pro Se Litigants have no rights!!!

From: George McDermott
Sent: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 9:16 PM
To: Federal Lawsuit
Subject: Re: U.S. Department of Justice Claims No Due Process for Self-Represented | Pennsylvania Courtwatch

Documents MARYLAND GEN 4-7-15.docx 2 Justice.pdf and Laws Postal Inspectors enforce more than 200 federal laws in investigations of crimes that may adversely affect or fraudulently use the U.pdf

This is a perfect example of mail fraud and failure to provide honest services by Justice Department employees subverting our Constitution and rule of law.

I have 800 examples of corruption in the court on my  website my  website . This person needs to be removed we need everyone to send a letter to the hand of the United States Postal Service asking for a criminal investigation into his office and his personal activities as a Department of Justice alleged employee. The statements are inconsistent with the Constitution of all the states as well as the Constitution and declaration of rights of our government under title V title 15 and title 28 of the United States code as well as title 42 unbelievable give me a call if you get a chance 301-996-9577 see attachments

my name is George McDermott I been fighting judicial corruption for 20 years if you visit secret you’ll see that are 800 programs plus at that website not one government agency is stepped up to the plate. No one can file a criminal complaint against a judge. In 20 years I’ve asked for the impeachment indictment of 69+ state and federal judges as video will attest to. The FBI has no jurisdiction over white-collar fraud, or victims rights the US Justice Department has no jurisdiction over white-collar fraud or judicial terrorism by court insiders, homeland security won’t even talk to a victim with one from the land of the free and the homes of brave to the land of the scam in the home of the fraud for the benefit of the unincorporated Association the American Bar Association hell-bent on destroying this nation with forge documents insiders such as the Justice Department 20 who wrote this outrageous statement that pro se litigants surrender their rights when representing themselves as portion.

If they don’t do their job and perform honest services fire every Justice Department employees who belongs the American Bar Association as they are not entitled to hold office under the 13th amendment titles and nobility clause.

Here are the program titles if you’re interested
748- L March 18, 2015. At the direction of the Sheriff’s Department serving documents on the warden of the Queen Anne’s County detention center. Notifying the warden that prisoner Richard Reinheimer is being illegally detained as no court order exist as of 4:30 PM on the 18th day of March 2015. In the records of Queen in County Circuit Court. Notice of appeal was filed to agents of the warden’s office. Who were also informed that The International Human Rights Tribunal. Is investigating the deprivation of human rights of citizens of Queen Anne County. By Sheriff departments and courts working in consort with foreclosure mill and kingpin lawyers from the BWW Law Group promoting foreclosure fraud to the court’s.
748- M March 19 10:30 AM attempting to serve papers on BW W law group
quiet title action. Filed by victim Richard Reinheimer.
748- N Arriving the offices BWW Law Group LLC Tom Reinheimer and server George McDermott making a record that the victim Richard Reinheimer is placed a quiet title on the subject property BWW Law Group LLC. Through its agents Carry Ward. Have filed false claims against in violation of international human rights laws.
748- O March 19, 2015 leaving the offices of BWW Law Group LLC. After serving legal papers on its agents Carry Ward. Which were received by her lawful agent who attested to the same in a handwritten note shown in this video.
748- P Tom Reinheimer receives call from England from Richard’s sister requesting update on Richard’s condition and concerns about his lack of access to medicines which could prevent a heart attack and or death,
748- Q Tom Reinheimer on phone with fellow in the national human rights defender. Explaining how the courts have falsely incarcerated his brother. Who as video will attest to this video and the recorded conversation of Richard Reinheimer incarcerated in Queen Anne’s County detention Center. Will both verify that Richard Reinheimer has given a power of attorney to his brother Tom Reinheimer regarding matters and filing notice of appeal and other papers in in efforts to gain his release from the false imprisonment. In Queen Anne’s County Maryland by fictitious judges, false unsigned orders, and criminal misconduct of Sheriff’s office.
748- R INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER George McDermott returned certificate of service an affidavit to the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court clerk’s office. Where once again judge Thomas Ross has interfered with Richard Reinheimer’s legal and constitutional rights by issuing yet another order prohibiting the court clerks from accepting any more pleadings from George McDermott. Yet another violation of his oath of office both as a sham judge and as a member of the corporate Bar Association. Who has rules of professional conduct and standards of professional responsibility judge Ross and others are disrespecting.
748- S Delivering court papers to the Sheriff’s office after date stamping informing the Sheriff’s office that yet another quiet title action has been filed. And if the Sheriff moves forward with the purported eviction March 23 – 24, 2015 knowing that arrest warrant had been issued by the international tribunal on human rights against this officer for failure to prevent, and aiding and abetting and false imprisonment.
478- T INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER/NEWS Reporter delivering copies of court papers as directed by Sheriff Hoffman’s office, to the warden at the Queen Anne’s County criminal detention center. After visiting shares Department and court. All of whom are acting outside of the law denying victims human rights.
748- U Making a record that agents of the warden had excepted filing papers for falsely imprisoned Richard Rexford Reinheimer, as of 5 PM March 19, 2015 all parties have been put on notice. Their actions are in violation of international human rights laws and rules 1+12+15. Which United States Corporate Government is a signature party to and must obey including all of its corporate entities therein. And yet the judges of Queen Anne’s County Maryland, proclaim they’re not subject to jurisdiction.
749 – A Road trip to Annapolis Maryland March 20, 2015 discovering that the court of special appeals office is not acting in good faith and filing all the pleadings of Richard Reinheimer. Court was served a notice to intervene to prevent an injustice and additional frauds on the court by judge Thomas Ross and judge Sidney Campen. Due to their false imprisonment and threats against the Reinheimer family prohibited under title 18 of the United States criminal code 18 USC 1512 and 1513.
749 – B March 20, 2015. Arriving at the Reinheimer home where preparations have been made to auction off all their life long positions. Because of the criminal misconduct of judge Ross and judge Sidney Campen. Along with the clerk of the court and County Sheriff Brian Hoffman all of whom had a duty to prevent and swore an oath of office which they willfully disregarded along with the state’s attorney’s and his prosecutor both engage in prosecutorial misconduct and false imprisonment.
750 – A Emergency road trip to Baltimore Maryland to US District Court March 20, 2015 to file for emergency writ of habeas corpus. Based on the fact that judge ever dance and leg offered the memorandum of opinion about point of law that Maryland judges are not entitled to stay on the bench after the age of 70. Or be appointed after the age of 70. The two judges have falsely imprisoned Richard Reinheimer even know judge camping is not even a judge anymore. He’s a pretend fictitious judge who is a private citizen and will be sued as such.

US Atty.’s office assistant US Atty. refuses to give his name, his ID number taken complaint or allow victim’s to even assert claims against corrupt judges and lawyers. Of course he himself is a member of this private Association known as the American Bar Association. And divesting our citizens of our rights liberties and properties under color of law and authority.
751 – B Meeting with Cpl. Michael W Harris US postal police. Regarding filing of a report as a victim of the court’s sending out unsigned orders. And failing to provide originals as required under the Constitution and common-law Maryland. Maybe the postal criminal investigation unit will finally take action. As the Supreme Court record of the United States has 300 copies of unsigned orders in case 10 – 10236. Which son walk Clark dismissed with yet another unsigned order. This is a clear-CASE of extortion by mail. Extortion (18 USC 873, 876 & 877)

On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 4:11 PM, Federal Lawsuit <> wrote:
This is the most improper letter I’ve ever seen coming from someone at the Justice Dept. It might need a good lawsuit being filed in federal court to clear up.

Specifically, where the letter says “As you know, when you chose to represent yourself, you waived your right to due process, including any access to the courts.”

Well, in all my years of studying federal law, I never saw any statute or court ruling which says someone acting pro se has less rights or less access to the courts. This is preposterous and totally incorrect. On the contrary, countless federal court rulings have granted pro se people all the rights of a real attorney for their cases, which are actually more rights than the average person has in court. For example, like a lawyer, a pro se person can enter the judge’s chambers when called, while the average person cannot.

Unless the statements in that letter are referring to something the recipient previously did where he signed away some right or another within a contract or legal document. But if the statement in that letter is saying anyone acting pro se waives their right to due process, including any access to the courts, then a federal lawsuit should be filed immediately to countermand the statement in that letter.


Tim, Senior Investigator
The Protection Group


On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 6:43 PM, Eliot Ivan Bernstein <> wrote:


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