” Andrew Cuomo’s Predatory Heart Of Darkness ” Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit Inventor Supports Terence Finnan’s claims of Cuomo’s Heart of Darkness, THE HORROR, THE HORROR, THE HORROR. Cuomo Defendant in Trillion Dollar Fed RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit of Iviewit, Legally Related by Fed Judge Shira Scheindlin to a New York Supreme Court Whistleblower Lawsuit of Christine C. Anderson.

Reprint Courtesy of Terence Finnan @ http://cuomotarp.blogspot.com

Cuomo’s TARP

Exposing rampant corruption in the NY State and NY Federal Courts and Government covered up by Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, who defends the corrupt in both State and Federal actions, when he should protect the People. This lifts the cover off rather than place a TARP over (cover-up).

Andrew Cuomo’s Predatory Heart Of Darkness

A journey begins into a modern “Heart of Darkness.” Reuters reports, “Racial predatory loans fueled U.S. housing crisis.”

Cuomo enlarged the trough and the swine came running.
And who benefited from Cuomo? “The General Accounting Office (GAO)…in 2000 found that the Department was allowing lenders in the federally-insured mortgage business to engage in fraud and “flipping” that left homebuyers with crumbling houses and unaffordable mortgage payments. The fraudsters would buy property, often in poor neighborhoods, make cosmetic repairs and get puffed up property appraisals based in part on falsified documents attesting that homes had been renovated. They would sell them at high prices, with inflated mortgages, to unsuspecting buyers who trusted the appraisals. The owners of the houses quickly discovered their state, but often couldn’t afford to repair their homes, or pay the mortgages, so the mortgages were foreclosed, generating fees for property managers. And “flipped” again. It was the fraud dramatized by the Sopranos.”
“In fiscal 1999, HUD announced that it required $59 billion of “undocumentable adjustments” to balance the books...It had lost track of $59 billion! [But] Cuomo did not order the HUD IG to investigate the reason for the missing billions or to try to get the money back.”
Looking into Andrew  Cuomo’s heart reveals his “love” for the those benefiting from his tenure at HUD and for his benefactor, Farkas.    While, Andrew Cuomo’s rapacious heart could feel nothing for the unfortunate who were foreclosed to flip properties to his preferred, or the HUD tenants deprived of services,  it wasn’t racial as implied in  “Racial predatory loans fueled U.S. housing crisis.”.   It was Andrew Cuomo and the Devil demanding their due.  Andrew’s heart, like the heart of his parabiosis, Gollum, encloses the darkest depravity.  Is Cuomo or the Devil racist?   No, Black, White, Brown or Yellow sheeple are equally fodder to be picked clean by the Devil’s vultures circling their local chieftain, Andrew Cuomo.
As in “Heart of Darkness, where, Themes developed in the novella’s later scenes include the naïveté of Europeans (particularly women) regarding the various forms of darkness in the Congo; the British traders and Belgian colonialists‘ abuse of the natives and man’s potential for duplicity,“  the same themes repeat with the naïveté  of New Yorkers regarding HUD’s (Cuomo’s) evil intent, the government employees’ and HUD lenders’ and contractors’ abuse of the Black and White natives of NY and Cuomo’s duplicity.
Why could this happen?   Because the “Devil’s running dogs” covered and are still covering Cuomo’s tracks.  i.e., Fred Dicker (The Post), The NY Times, The Times Union

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