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Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit Inventor supports T. Finnan’s claims re “Andrew Cuomo’s Affairs; He Cheated; He Lied.” Cuomo involved in coverup of Attorney Sexual Predator Allen Isaac and the Iviewit Trillion Dollar Federal RICO & ANTITRUST lawsuit filed by Iviewit and legally related by Fed Judge Shira Scheindlin to New York Supreme Court Whistleblower Christine C. Anderson.

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Reprint Courtesy of T. Finnan @

Cuomo’s TARP

Exposing rampant corruption in the NY State and NY Federal Courts and Government covered up by Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, who defends the corrupt in both State and Federal actions, when he should protect the People. This lifts the cover off rather than place a TARP over (cover-up).

Andrew Cuomo’s Affairs; He Cheated; He Lied

Cheating Andrew Cuomo’s corruption affairs with male and female dregs both within and without NY government litter his court filings and his Public Integrity cover-ups.   Andrew Cuomo cheats on the People by taking money from lawyers who represent clients who Cuomo is acting against in court. Who does Andrew Cuomo believe he’s fooling with his donation forms, where “contributors [are asked] to sign a statement saying they have no “matter” pending with him. That rule “does not extend to attorneys representing persons or entities with matters before the NYS Attorney General’s office.

The faithless Andrew Cuomo promised us, “The influence of lobbyists and their special interests must be drastically reduced with new contribution limits; we will be taking on very powerful special interests which have much to lose. We must change systems and cultures long in the making.” But,” The New York Times shows that of the estimated $7.1 million that the Cuomo campaign has received from political action committees, associations, limited liability corporations and other entities, more than half has come from the biggest players in Albany: organized labor, the real estate and related industries like construction, the health care sector and lobbying firms.”

Yes, Andrew Cuomo, we understand, you’re human; the lure of money was irresistible.

But, Luke 16:13 “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

In 2008, you cheated; your staff lied; you promised: ” The Amnesty ‘window’ will be narrow;’Andrew’s pretty serious about a real shake up, and he will not give state workers, including judges, more than 60 days to ‘come clean.’ The plan, dubbed ‘CAP’ (Cuomo’s Amnesty Program) by AG lawyers, is said to specifically include all attorneys admitted to practice in New York, whether or not they are state employed. ‘Heads will role once the Amnesty Program ends”

Did you protect women from sex predators? Did you promise in your CAP program above that state attorneys heads will roll?   Well, you failed and you failed again. Tomorrow, your pitiful defense of the corrupt state employed attorneys will be exposed along with the failure of your Public Integrity unit to bring indictments. Where does your love lie?

Unlike Clinton, this isn’t your private sex life, this is your public life.  And you ask us to trust your cheating heart for another four years?