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Chicago, IL --September 6, 2000--

Brian G. Utley, President of iviewit, inc., a business-to-business outsource providing turn-key Internet imaging and streaming video processing solutions, announced iviewit's key role in today's launch of, the official website for the International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 6-13th.

Utley stated, "We at iviewit, inc. congratulate IMTS on the opening of the show and the launch of an entertaining and informative website. IMTS states, 'Technology productivity is a vital fact of life'; appropriately, the iviewit streaming video technology is an exciting and vital element of the IMTS website. In the merchandising its enormous 1.4 million sq. ft. of exhibition space over the Internet, IMTS provides an "up close and personal" demonstration experience for millions of Internet users with daily video, Powered by iviewit, and for hundreds of thousands of exhibition attendees at McCormick Place. Hopefully, iviewit will help improve on the 1998 IMTS record, where $15 Million dollars worth of new business was written each hour, through all 8 days of the show."

Eliot I. Bernstein, iviewit inventor and Chief Technology Officer, joined in congratulating IMTS, "This year, IMTS video coverage processed by iviewit's patent-pending breakthrough technologies will provide for remarkable video viewing when compared with existing internet video which is small-screen, herky-jerky, and grainy. With iviewit's technology, coverage of the IMTS at McCormick Place will be clear, full-screen, full-frame-rate video (30fps), delivered via DSL, ISDN, T1 or cable modem connections. 56k modem users will notice a significantly improved viewing experience when they log on to see the iviewit-processed IMTS videos. "






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